Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sweet corn and other randoms

This year our neighbors got a big pool, and the kids have had a blast swimming in it. I'm already checking out end of season sales to get one for next year. Now to convince my husband...

Wide awake after her middle of the night feeding. 

Sadly, this is the only picture I have of Brad and Jenna's wedding. Alison was great the whole time, and got passed around a lot since it was freezing at the reception and everyone wanted her to keep them warm.  :-)

We had a cook out with our care group (small group from church) a few Sunday afternoons ago. Our group had grown a lot in the past year, and now has 18 adults and 31 kids! We rented a huge bouncy house, which the kids (and adults) had a blast in! 

I picked up some sweet corn at the store one day and we had it for supper that night. Luke had Bridget convinced that she loved corn on the cob since we have picture of her eating some when she was little. We were cracking up at the above picture of her taking a bite, because it perfectly shows her "I really don't like this" face with her nostrils flared. Carter, of course, loved it and cleaned his cob completely off.

Almost got a smile on camera, but not quite. 

Shiloh loves Alison! All night she kept asking to "hold you." Hopefully these two week be great friends someday! 

We finally moved Carter to a big bed. This was the first night he slept in it, and when I went up to check on him before I went to bed, I noticed he had taken his pants off before going to sleep. :-) He has done really well with the transition and sleeps just fine! 

She makes the greatest faces! (And I think my toes are in almost every picture I have of her)

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