Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer days

We were cracking up laughing at Alison raising her hand like she had a question. 

Horsey back rides with uncle Luke. He is such a fun uncle and plays so good with the kids. 

Morning snuggles

All snuggled up and sleeping in the moby wrap. She loves being in it, and will usually fall right to sleep. 

Little buddy loves his popsicles. Unfortunately they make a huge mess so he doesn't get them too often. 

On father's day we went to my mom and dad's for a delicious steak dinner. Uncle Adam have the kids rides on his motorcycle.

Also on father's day, my mom tried to pawn off all mine and Wendi's old clothes. Bridget feel in love with this dress and begged to bring it home. The next day she wanted to put it on, and told me "mom, I can't wait to wear this dress to church on Sunday." Um... sorry honey, Mom has a strict no collar policy.

Out of order... Carter's turn on the motorcycle. 

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Jenny said...

But she looks so cute in that collar! haha. Yeah, I'm not sure I'd put my girls in my old clothes... :)