Saturday, April 25, 2015

Illnesses and injuries

We started the year off on a bad foot. Just a couple weeks into the new year we got hit with the stomach flu. Alison started it out on a Saturday night. Luke, Bridget and Carter all went down within a half hour of each other on Monday night. Thankfully, I was sparred! 

Sweet baby, finally feeling better and drinking her bottle. 

The scene in the living room Monday night. I said it was like a byob (bring your own bucket) party! 

Only a couple days after recovering the stomach flu, Carter burned his finger on a lightbulb from the lamp. It immediately blistered, and we kept it under cold water for a long time. Every time we'd take it out, he'd start crying again, so we gave him a cup of water, and he fell asleep with his finger in it.  :-) After that night he never mentioned it again, and says it didn't hurt anymore. 

The next week Alison spiked a fever for a few days. She had terrible time sleeping, and ended up wide awake in our bed more than once. 

Cold winter days

One evening we went to Bass Pro to return a few things. The kids love playing on the boats and 4 wheelers! 

One night Alison was downstairs with the older two, and when Luke went down to check on her, he found her halfway up the stairs! crazy little girl. 

Candyland, Shutes and ladders, and Memory are the kids favorite games, and they're always thrilled when we agree to play with them. Both Luke and I find it a little painful to play with them, and we're usually thankful that the games are short. :-)

A beautiful snowy morning. The kids were so excited for fresh snow and went out immediately after breakfast. Then it was back inside for hot chocolate. 

My mom went through a bunch of closets, and then attempted to give Wendi and I all of our old clothes. We declined most of them, but a few gems ended up coming home with me. Bridget loves this dress, and I think she's finally accepted the fact that it's just for dress up, and that I'm not going to let her wear it to church. 

Family movie night! Most of us snuggled on the couch, but Carter opted to have his space on the floor.