Friday, August 29, 2008


I survived it. Barely.

Let it be known that St. Francis screens their potential nurses VERY well. VERY, VERY, VERY well.

I guess that's a good thing, but an hour and half interview is a very long time. And the guy never smiled, never even changed expression once. Talk about intimidating. Oh well, it's over now, and boy am I glad!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

I just filled out my Application for Graduation.

*big, enormous huge grin*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nothing to Say

There really isn't.
School is school. It's hard, but there's only 3 1/2 months left.
I've applied for a couple jobs.
I really hope they don't give me scenarios like Ashley says they do.
I'll never get a job that way!

It's SO nice outside, but I can't go out or open the windows because I'll be sneezing all night long.

The main reason for this post is that I don't want to do laundry.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is telling

Yeah, this is a story that perfectly illustrates how things go at my nursing school.

First semester, during orientation, we had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and were told that we would get stickers for our cars (so we could park in the parking lots) by the next week. That was early January 2007.

Bring yourself to the present. Today, on August 20th, 2008, we were issued our stickers. One year and seven months later than promised.

Oh, and we have to turn them in in four months when graduate.

They should have saved their money.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Illinois's Newest Driver!

Happy 16th Birthday Wendi Jo!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The pollen count must be high today

I took a walk, and could just about feel my eyes swell. I came home and took another 24 hour Clariton, my second in the past 12 hours.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What to do

It's 10:47pm, and (obviously) I'm still up. Usually I'm in bed long before this, but since this is my last week of no school, I declared it "lazy week" and slept late every day. Sleeping late then results in staying up late, which causes yet another day of sleeping in late...and well, the cycle continues.

Anyway, my husband is sound asleep in bed, and I'm on the computer, just searching for new posts to read, or new pictures to look at on facebook. Sadly, I have 1/2 an hour before I will have been up for 12 hours. I have no books to read, and I really can't clean the house at this time of night (seriously...I'm pretty sure there is a rule that says you can't clean or do laundry after like 8pm).

In short, I'm bored, and I'm also seriously considering raiding the pan of brownies on the kitchen table......

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The garage needs airing out

For the past two days I've been cleaning out our garage.
Really good.
Like washing down walls and floors and such.
But there were still a lot of bugs, and then I met my new friend:

We got a little happy together, and I used the whole can on just two walls.
Now the garage smells like bug killer, and the garage door has to stay open.
Otherwise you about die when you go in there.

But there are two dead crickets!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

House pictures-moving day!

What a day that was! People started showing up at 8am sharp, and by 12pm, everything had arrived at our new house! We had about 22 people show up, and they were such an amazing help!

Our bedroom

Our living room (no, I didn't know we had this much stuff!)

Kenton and Heidi were amazing! Talk about faithful friends; they came over almost everyday while we were working on our house. They gave up many evenings and a few weekends. We packed up our entire house on the 4th of July (yes, the entire thing), and they showed up for the action. Packing all day on a holiday tends to get old, so we had a little fun in the process.

The guest bedroom downstairs all packed up


The empty kitchen

More stuff upstairs

Storage room

the other 1/2 of the storage room

The office

We packed every vehicle full!

Heidi once again showed up to help

Luke's aunt and uncle from Iowa were here that weekend, so they came to help too!

We borrowed Jeff Thames's van and trailer; it was wonderful! We were able to pack most of the boxes and big stuff in there.

More stuff in the kitchen

Unloading Tim and Sandy's trailer

Mark Hermann came and brought his truck too.

My mom cleaning out the kitchen cupboards before the kitchen stuff arrived

The trailer

Heidi and Sandy unloading coolers

The coolers for all the frozen food from the freezer

Organizing the basement

Stuff piled in the basement cause I didn't know where to tell people to put things

Tony and I "holding up" the mattress (aka..taking a break)

Putting our bed together. We got a great deal on this bed, but it's huge and really heavy and has a million parts. When we bought it, I told Luke that when we sold that house, it was staying; needles to say, it didn't, and I'm sorry for all those who had to help take it apart and put it back together again!

Mountain Dew break!

My dad's truck

Still putting our bed together

How many people does it take?

My aunt made lunch for everyone who came to help. This is some of the guys relaxing, thrilled with the fact they are done working, and get to eat lunch soon!

House pictures- before

Well, it's been a while since all this started, but I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures. Sadly, at the time I took pictures, I didn't realize all we would end up doing, so there are no good pictures of specific things (such as the floor, bathroom mirror and lighting, etc.) Enjoy!


Living Room

The other half of the kitchen


Other side of the basement


Our bedroom

Our bedroom again

Guest bedroom


Backyard and back of the house


Front of the house

Me painting trim, for about 27th hour
(sadly, I'm not joking)

Heidi and Jenae rolling the living room

My mother-in-law getting the rust stains off the tub

My sister-in-law, Sandy, cleaning and re-rolling the shades

Kendra scraping paint off the windows
(27 hours of painting trim tends to make one a little sloppy)

Adam taking a break for some food. For most of the
weeks we were working there, I only had an oven. No fridge, stovetop, or
microwave. Feeding the people who came to help every night was a
constant challenge!

My father-in-law, who spent way more than 27 hours fixing plaster holes and electrical stuff

Luke and Kenton replacing the cupboard door hardware

Heidi, Jenae, and I modeling the curtains after the living room was all painted. We all look like we're going to fall over any minute!