Thursday, August 14, 2008

What to do

It's 10:47pm, and (obviously) I'm still up. Usually I'm in bed long before this, but since this is my last week of no school, I declared it "lazy week" and slept late every day. Sleeping late then results in staying up late, which causes yet another day of sleeping in late...and well, the cycle continues.

Anyway, my husband is sound asleep in bed, and I'm on the computer, just searching for new posts to read, or new pictures to look at on facebook. Sadly, I have 1/2 an hour before I will have been up for 12 hours. I have no books to read, and I really can't clean the house at this time of night (seriously...I'm pretty sure there is a rule that says you can't clean or do laundry after like 8pm).

In short, I'm bored, and I'm also seriously considering raiding the pan of brownies on the kitchen table......

1 comment:

the traever said...

late night brownies - that's how you become a fatty