Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quotes from Bridget

1. Me: Bridget, please don't get in that cupboard.
Bridget: Why? Because Jesus died on the cross to save our sins?

2. "I love you more. I love you most!"  (actually a quote from the movie Tangled, which she is totally obsessed with)

3. "It's not so bad in here.... that's what Tangled says."

She's slightly obsessed with that movie. Bet you can't tell!

4. In reference to the oven timer: "Ding! That's what the oven say"

5. "Don't freak out dad. Okay?"
We couldn't figure out where in the world she came up with this, until she was watching Tangled the other day (I promise she doesn't really watch it that often!) and sure enough, Rapunzel says it!

6. Both kids were upstairs yesterday morning and I heard Carter squealing. So I called up the stairs "Bridget, why is Carter fussing?" To which she replied "I'm just holding him down." And sure enough, she was!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Life and an ER visit

I realize it's been a while since I did a post. Part of that is from the busyness of life, and partly because there's not much new going on. 
A little over two weeks ago Carter got sick. I wasn't too worried because Bridget had been sick the week before and after 2 days of a fever she was better. 2 days into his fever, he starts sounding wheezy, and coughing a lot. About 11:30 on a Sunday night I heard him coughing and gagging so I went in to check on him. He sounded horrible, like he was out of breath and really wheezing a lot. So we headed into the ER. After a traumatizing two hours, and being diagnosed with RSV and pneumonia, we headed back home with an antibiotic. 
Back to the Dr office first thing Monday because he sounded even worse. This time he was borderline needing to be admitted, but a nebulizer treatment brought his oxygen levels back up. So they let us go home with a prescription for breathing treatments.
Tuesday I had to go to Peoria to return a couple things.
Wednesday we headed back to the Dr's office because Carter still had a fever. Double Ear infection and a new antibiotic for that. 
Thursday was Thanksgiving. Bridget and I went to church with my mom and dad while Luke stayed home with Bridget. Then we headed to my mom and dad's for the day and since it was just our family, it was relaxing (and least for me...I don't know about my mom since she did most of the food). 
Friday we put up the tree and relaxed. Bridget LOVES Christmas trees this year. I got some good black Friday deals online. It's def the way to shop!
Saturday night we had a double date night with Logan and Ashley. We went out to TGI Friday's and then went to see the new James Bond movie. Good movie...very intense. I needed a massage afterwards because I was so tense the whole time.  :)
Last week not much happened. 
Last night we were on our way to the once-a-month Sunday night services when Carter lost his whole supper all over himself, the carseat, and the van. Thankfully we had friends who lived close by and who were home. They graciously let us bring our  puke covered toddler into the house to clean up, and helped clean up the van. And then they sent cupcakes home with us. :)

 One of the kids favorite things to do is dump out all the play kitchen stuff and sit in the basket.

 They both love to read books, and it pretty much melts my heart to see them sitting next to each other reading.

 Someone figured out how to get up onto the loveseat!

 And yes, he was quite proud of himself!

 Don't ask me what they're doing under the chair. Sometimes they're weird.  :)

 My view when I scrub the kitchen floor. They get barricaded in the living room. 

goldfish for breakfast? Why not?!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

birthdays and other things

Warning: long post and lots of pictures. :)

 Bridget's unofficial job is to empty the silverware. She thinks she's big stuff and tells me "I help'in you, mommy!"
 The word "help" is said loosely.

 We brought Bridget's little table and chairs downstairs for a few days and she and Carter had lots of tea parties. With marshmallows, of course, cause it wouldn't be a party without them!

 We had to move the toy chest over by the steps because Carter figured out that he could fit between the spindles. Except he usually couldn't get turned sideways and ended up getting stuck.

 And moving on to Bridget's birthday party! She has a current obsession with Nemo, so I thought I'd attempt doing Nemo on cupcakes. After spending several hours on the cupcakes, I decided they were too small for something detailed like that, scraped off all the frosting, clumped all the cupcakes together and did one big Nemo. It was much easier. That being said, next time I get into my head to decorate a cake, remind me of the HOURS spent, and suggest that I just buy one from Kroger and let someone else decorate it. 

She was thrilled with it though, so I guess it was worth it.  :)

 I know that Adam will appreciate this picture.  :)
 These guys got stuck in the living room cause our table wasn't big enough to hold everyone. 
 The other table.
We had pizza (Bridget's fav food...*insert sarcastic tone here* since she has so many foods she likes...ha!), chips, fruit, salad, cake, ice cream and strawberries. 

 She was just SLIGHTLY excited

 She got a doll pack and play from Uncle Daniel and Aunt Wendi, and a kitchen with all the accessories from both sets of grandparents and from us. 

I thought she'd have so much fun with a kitchen (since she does at everyone else's house) but sadly her favorite activity involving the kitchen is clearing it off after they've all been picked up. 

 We let Carter practice for his party!

 And....the next weekend we headed to Warrens, WI with the Knapp's! We stayed at the Three Bears resort. We had 2 cabins and they included tickets to the indoor water park. Bridget loved swimming with her cousins, and in true form, Carter disliked people. He did do better than I expected him to, for which I was very thankful! I have no pictures from the whole weekend, aside from the above picture of AMAZING snack mix I made to take along. 

 The next weekend this little guys turned one! His birthday was on a Wed, and we had his party that Fri night. 
 This kid rarely plays with toys. He mostly just likes to clean out. It's what he does all day. As I'm cleaning up the pots and pans he's empties he'll be in his room taking the clothes out of the dresser. While I'm picking up the clothes he's emptying the books off the bookshelf. And so goes the entire day. 

 Sorry, I forgot to turn the picture before uploading.
I made Carter a cow cake, since at the time a cow was the only animal he knew the sound of. It was much easier than Bridget's cake.  :) 

 And here's the little buddy cleaning out the tupperware...

 Reading books on a Sat morning. 
 We had some unseasonably warm days and we took advantage of them!

 One week we went to Radar Family Farms with some friends from church. It was our 2nd time there this fall, and since Bridget knew what to expect, she was quite excited to go! Carter got to stay with Grandma P and take a nap, and it was nice to only have 1 kid for a morning!

 Getting a ride in the barrels
 Bridget loved the animals and told me (several times) "it's a baby pig! He's so little. aww...."

 playing in the corn bin. 
 Bridget likes to stand on the little chair on the left, and then dive over the arm rest of the couch and our little climber thought he'd give it a try too! thankfully he's too short to get over the arm rest!

 playing with Uncle Luke

they love being baskets, esp when we push them around!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween from Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not Me Wednesday- Doctor Edition.

So I recently decided to check out another pediatrician for my kids. My reasons were numerous, but one dr in particular had been recommended to me and labeled as more naturally minded, so I decided to take my kids to him for their one and two year check ups. Neither kid has ever minded going to the dr, but this time was the exception. Here's a little of what didn't happen while there. 

-While trying to get Bridget's weight, she did not repeatedly attempt to bail off the scale, screaming her head off the whole time. I did not threaten her several times with a spanking if she did not stand on the adult scale. I didn't breath an audible sigh of relief when the nurse finally got her weight after Bridget only stood there for less than 15 seconds.

-I did not have to pin my screaming child to the wall in order to get her height.

-As I was not pinning said child to the wall, my other child did not somehow get the exam room door open, did not crawl down the hall, and did not attempt to make friends with the receptionist at the front desk. I was not slightly embarrassed when she brought my wandering child back to the room. 

-While waiting for the dr, I did not have the brilliant idea to get out the goldfish crackers. Both of my children didn't want the container, and neither screamed when the other child had it. I did not take it away and cause both children to be screaming just as the dr walked in the door. 

-While the dr was examining Carter, Bridget did not get the container of goldfish off the exam table and cause Carter to begin screaming for them. 

-When it was Bridget's turn to be examined, she did not scream bloody murder any time the dr touched her. This did not cause Carter to also begin screaming. 

-When Carter joined Bridget's screaming, I did not give him the container of goldfish. He did not promptly dump said container of fish all over the floor and proceed to smash them. As the dr finished up a few things with me, Bridget did not join in the goldfish smashing session. 

-As I told Bridget it was time to leave, she did not throw a huge basket of crayons all over the waiting room. I did not have to pick up about 200 crayons while both my children sat by the office door and screamed.

-I did not need to yell a little to myself after getting in the van to blow off the little steam.  :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

2 years

Two years ago today at this time....ah the memories.  :) We were in the hospital, and our little dolly had just come back from the nursery after being on oxygen for a couple of hours and I was just getting to hold her for the first time!

And now Bridget Ann is 2 years old! 

We had a little party on Friday night, and she loved it! More pictures and details to come.

 My first time holding her at almost 4 hours old!

Having a tea party with marshmallows.  :)

Oh Bridget, you have brought so much joy, and sometimes a little frustration, to our lives! We love your (generally) sweet spirit, and the way you care about other's when they are hurt. We love watching you mother your babies and any other animal or toy you happen to find, and care for it like you would a real baby. We love seeing your interest in and knowledge of Jesus grow, and when you sing Amazing Grace or Jesus Loves  Me, it makes our hearts glad! 

We pray that you will trust in Jesus as your savior while you are young, and that you will continue caring for those who are hurting. We pray that we will be able to guide your heart in channeling your determination to be used to for God's glory.

We love you, little dolly!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Conversation with Bridget

Setting: Supper time.

Bridget gets down from her chair and goes back to Carter's room and shuts the door.

Me, yelling from the kitchen, knowing exactly why she headed back there: Bridget, what are you doing?

Bridget: I in Carter's room. (thank you, captain obvious)

Me, still yelling: are you going to finish your chicken nuggets?

Bridget, yelling back from behind the closed door: No, I can't. I'm pooping.

Me: Do you want to go sit on the potty?

Bridget, coming out of Carter's room, having finished her duty: No, I need my diaper changed.

Me: ok, go change it

Bridget: No, I can't. I need mommy to change it. *giggle*  I stink!

Welcome to life with a two year old.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Zoo Day

My kids (esp Bridget) love going to the zoo! Carter just likes to be outside, and since most of the zoo exhibits are outside, he's thrilled. 

So we headed to the zoo on Wednesday. They have free days once in a while, and I suppose if I was really frugal I'd find out when those are and go on those days. But I condsider it totally worth $8.50 to go when it works best for us and there aren't 300 other mom's and crying little kids. 

It was cloudy and not super warm and we only saw maybe 7 other people the whole 2 hours we were there. 

We got to see the 4 new baby tigers, which was fun, and the mommy lion came right up to the glass! We had a picnic lunch before we headed to Target for diapers and wipes, and then came home for naps!