Sunday, October 7, 2012

2 years

Two years ago today at this time....ah the memories.  :) We were in the hospital, and our little dolly had just come back from the nursery after being on oxygen for a couple of hours and I was just getting to hold her for the first time!

And now Bridget Ann is 2 years old! 

We had a little party on Friday night, and she loved it! More pictures and details to come.

 My first time holding her at almost 4 hours old!

Having a tea party with marshmallows.  :)

Oh Bridget, you have brought so much joy, and sometimes a little frustration, to our lives! We love your (generally) sweet spirit, and the way you care about other's when they are hurt. We love watching you mother your babies and any other animal or toy you happen to find, and care for it like you would a real baby. We love seeing your interest in and knowledge of Jesus grow, and when you sing Amazing Grace or Jesus Loves  Me, it makes our hearts glad! 

We pray that you will trust in Jesus as your savior while you are young, and that you will continue caring for those who are hurting. We pray that we will be able to guide your heart in channeling your determination to be used to for God's glory.

We love you, little dolly!

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Anonymous said...

Aww... sweet post and our prayer too for your little dolly. Love her to pieces!