Saturday, April 25, 2015

Illnesses and injuries

We started the year off on a bad foot. Just a couple weeks into the new year we got hit with the stomach flu. Alison started it out on a Saturday night. Luke, Bridget and Carter all went down within a half hour of each other on Monday night. Thankfully, I was sparred! 

Sweet baby, finally feeling better and drinking her bottle. 

The scene in the living room Monday night. I said it was like a byob (bring your own bucket) party! 

Only a couple days after recovering the stomach flu, Carter burned his finger on a lightbulb from the lamp. It immediately blistered, and we kept it under cold water for a long time. Every time we'd take it out, he'd start crying again, so we gave him a cup of water, and he fell asleep with his finger in it.  :-) After that night he never mentioned it again, and says it didn't hurt anymore. 

The next week Alison spiked a fever for a few days. She had terrible time sleeping, and ended up wide awake in our bed more than once. 

Cold winter days

One evening we went to Bass Pro to return a few things. The kids love playing on the boats and 4 wheelers! 

One night Alison was downstairs with the older two, and when Luke went down to check on her, he found her halfway up the stairs! crazy little girl. 

Candyland, Shutes and ladders, and Memory are the kids favorite games, and they're always thrilled when we agree to play with them. Both Luke and I find it a little painful to play with them, and we're usually thankful that the games are short. :-)

A beautiful snowy morning. The kids were so excited for fresh snow and went out immediately after breakfast. Then it was back inside for hot chocolate. 

My mom went through a bunch of closets, and then attempted to give Wendi and I all of our old clothes. We declined most of them, but a few gems ended up coming home with me. Bridget loves this dress, and I think she's finally accepted the fact that it's just for dress up, and that I'm not going to let her wear it to church. 

Family movie night! Most of us snuggled on the couch, but Carter opted to have his space on the floor. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

It's a new year!

A crabby baby becomes a happy baby when she gets to watch Praise Baby on the laptop. 

For new year's eve we went to Brock and Jodi's for a fun evening with some other couples from church. 
I attempted to put Alison to bed, but she woke up about 10:30 and refused to go back to sleep, so all three kids saw midnight. 
I'm pretty sure all three were sleep before we backed out of the driveway.  :-)

Snuggles with daddy

I love how she pulls herself up, facing the door, waiting for me to come get her. 

Bridget got some "Frozen" books for Christmas, and pretty much has them memorized. She's enjoyed "reading" them to the other two. 

One crazy morning, I put Bridget in charge of feeding Alison her bottle. She was quite thrilled with the responsibility! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pfaffmann Christmas

We spent Christmas eve night and Christmas day with my family. We opted not to spend the night Christmas eve, but went for breakfast before church on Christmas morning. 

Bridget enjoyed relaxing by the fire with her apple.  :-) She commented "this is nice!"
Christmas day lunch of prime rib and lots of delicious sides! Mom does such an amazing job on the prime rib each year. All three kids napped during lunch, which made for a relaxing meal. 

Bridget and her pile of presents. She was so excited! 

Carter got a tool set! He was thrilled, despite the look on his face. 

Bridget was so excited about her doll! She originally named her Elizabeth, but has since changed the name to Amerida. 

Henry got a pack n play! 

Uncle Luke and Carter snuggling together. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Last minute Christmas

Since our kids are still young, we don't really have any Christmas traditions yet. We've kind of just done it whenever and however it works. This year it was the night before Christmas Eve, about 6pm, when we realized that we had plans for the next 4 days and decided we should let the kids open their gifts that night. Except none of them were wrapped, so I quick wrapped them up and brought them out to be unwrapped immediately. :-)

Love these 3 so much! 
(And they're all looking!)

Bridget got the Frozen DVD

And Carter got a remote control vehicle. 

Alison didn't get anything from us (she didn't know the difference), she just had a great time with the wrapping paper. 

The kid's combined gift was a big bucket of legos, which they thought was so great! I have to admit, for the cost, I was a little disappointed with the amount of legos, but they haven't had trouble coming up with things to build. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Knapp Christmas

My pictures from the Knapp Christmas are limited.  :-/ Luke and Carter weren't able to go because they were still fighting the flu. Alison was a grump the whole night, so I spent most of it dealing with her. We still had a nice time though, as we always do with family.  :-)

Bridget opening her gift from grandpa and grandma - frozen boots with Anna and Elsa on them! She was quite thrilled! 
I have no pictures of Alison with her gifts, but she got a book and a new lovey. Carter got to open his presents after we got home, and he a remote control truck. 

Noah's birthday was that Sunday, and Mark and Tammy gifted him with set of very festive boxers.  :-) 

The rest of the evening was followed with more gift opening and picture taking, along with singing Christmas carols and eating way to many Christmas cookies. 

7 months!

At 7 months, this little lady
- scoots all over on her tummy
- pulls herself up on everything
- loves sweet potatoes, bath time, and her siblings
- hates her car seat, bed time