Saturday, April 25, 2015

Illnesses and injuries

We started the year off on a bad foot. Just a couple weeks into the new year we got hit with the stomach flu. Alison started it out on a Saturday night. Luke, Bridget and Carter all went down within a half hour of each other on Monday night. Thankfully, I was sparred! 

Sweet baby, finally feeling better and drinking her bottle. 

The scene in the living room Monday night. I said it was like a byob (bring your own bucket) party! 

Only a couple days after recovering the stomach flu, Carter burned his finger on a lightbulb from the lamp. It immediately blistered, and we kept it under cold water for a long time. Every time we'd take it out, he'd start crying again, so we gave him a cup of water, and he fell asleep with his finger in it.  :-) After that night he never mentioned it again, and says it didn't hurt anymore. 

The next week Alison spiked a fever for a few days. She had terrible time sleeping, and ended up wide awake in our bed more than once. 

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