Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Since I put all the blogs I check on google reader, it's saved me lots of time, since I'm not jumping from one blog to the next. However, it means I rarely look at my own blog and therefore I don't notice that's it's been a while.

We have been busy though. There are walks to take, the garden to weed, friends to see, and water to play in! Bridget was less impressed with her little pool than I thought she'd be. Not that she didn't like it, she just acted like it was a bigger bathtub. She's just as thrilled with a bucket of water, and since it's much easier for me, well...the pool is just sitting in the garage.

In other news, although I'm sure pretty much all readers know this already, but we're having a little BOY! I'm super excited about it, but I just can't picture myself with a boy. It's a little weird. People have told me that girls clothes are so much more fun to buy than boy's. I totally disagree. I have just as hard of a time resisting buying all the little boy clothes as I did with girls.

The beginning of this month we celebrated my mom and dad's 25th anniversary by going to Biaggi's with all their siblings, and then to my aunt and uncles for dessert. We also celebrated my brother's 20th birthday (sorry, no pics), and between those two and Father's Day, Bridget has learned that grandpa will feed her ice cream. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Almost 8 months

Our little pumpkin will be 8 months on Tuesday. She's growing up too fast. Time, please stop for a while.

She's made great strides in the past month.
-crawling. Anywhere and everywhere
-pulling herself up on everything. Nothing under 2 feet is safe anymore.
-trying to stand up in the middle of the room. Def hasn't gotten anywhere near standing, but she attempts it anyway.
-is a CHUNK. Seriously. I'm guessing she weighs close to 20 pounds.
-has shown a recent fascination with babies. Hopefully this liking them continues.
-LOVES to be outside and instantly heads towards any open door
-trying all sorts of new foods: cookies, cereal, popcorn, and lots of other stuff she finds on the floor (no wonder she loves to be under the kitchen table)
-went jeeping for the first time. Fell sound asleep after about 5 min. How she stayed asleep I have no idea.
-Discovered her voice...for real. And now we hear her chattering loudly at all time of the day (or night). Makes for interesting times in church.
-Got her 2 top teeth and a bottom tooth in the same week. Thankfully it only took a couple days or I might have given away for a while. :)