Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mother's Day

So this is only slightly behind, but I thought I'd post pictures from Mother's Day, since they're just so cute.  :) We went to Busy Corner for supper and then back to my mom and dad's for dessert. Although I couldn't tell you what we had. I think I may have made brownies, but I'm not sure. 

 This isn't from Mother's Day, but it's when Carter first started sitting up to play. :)  Now it's his norm.

 We also celebrated Luke's birthday that night. Bridget's the family's unofficial gift opener, no matter who's present it happens to be. 

 And helping grandma with her presents.

 Trying on uncle Luke's new hunting boots. They came all the way her thighs and she couldn't move. She wasn't quite sure what to do. 

 Me with the kids. First picture I've been in with the kids since Carter's newborn pics. Very sad.

Reading books with Grandma.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Yesterday afternoon we finally hung the first things on our walls since we moved. And yes, that was 7 months ago. 
It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do with our ample living room wall space, and once I did, my chosen decorations were way out of budget.
So I found some MUCH cheaper shelves at Target. While they are a little smaller than what I had originally wanted, I think they look pretty good.
While deciding where to hang them, we moved them up higher than we had originally marked. Bad idea, as now they're definitely too high. I'm hoping if they hang like that for a few weeks we'll get used to it and decide it doesn't look so bad after all. And if not, we'll be repairing 16 large holes in our wall, re-texturing and re-painting those areas, and then rehanging the shelves. 
Here's to hoping we get used to their height!  :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Landscaping before and after (a continuing post)

These are the before tearing out some of our landscaping, and after we finished for that day....there was more tearing out that occurred later, which will have to be a separate post.

 Front of the house before. We did take out the big landscaping blocks around the trees prior to taking these pictures, so you'll see them piled by the lamp post in a later picture.

 Side of the house before
 same side...different angle. We didn't touch the other side this day. 

 Same side, closer to the house.

Tearing out the front stoop...This took a lot of effort and time. It also attracted a large audience of neighbors. I guess it's not every day someone brings in a truck, trailer, bucket tractor, and jack hammer when you live in the middle of town.  :)

 took out the fat little Christmas tree looking bush on the corner of the house. 

 And these are the after pictures. And much to my chagrin, this is how our front stayed for the next almost 2 months. It's a little more cleaned up now. 

 More tearing out pictures to come!!