Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sharp things

This morning I was doing dishes, and had to laugh at myself when I realized how gingerly I wash knives. It made me think of how terrified I am of sharp things. Knives and needles are the biggies. I know, I can I be a nurse if I am terrified of needles? I have no problem sticking needles into other people (IV's definitely aren't my favorite, but I can do it), but don't even think about putting one in me.

When I have to wash sharp knives, I hold them in one hand, and carefully, slowly, wipe off the blade. It makes me so nervous to do dishes if I know someone has left silverware in the dishwater...there might be a knife in there! I refuse to leave knives in dishwater. The bigger the knife, the worse I am. When Luke and I were engaged, my mom and I were picking out knives. She suggested one brand that is supposed to be particularly good. I was horrified, because they were gigantic knives! I stuck with smaller ones.

During my first semester of nursing school, we learned about medication administration, and we were given the opportunity to practice giving injections to our classmates. But in order to give an injection, you had to get one. I mulled over that consent form for days. Finally, I signed it. I was so nervous...shaking, sweating, etc. It was obvious my teachers thought I was ridiculous; until I about passed out. Right before I got my shot, another student came in to observe. I was facing away from the instructor and other student. She said down facing me, and quickly informed the instructor that I was really pale. The instructor made me lie down and take big deep breaths. In the end, I got my shot and I was fine. Getting TB skin tests does the same thing to me.

Hopefully someday I'll get over my paranoia of sharp things.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's all good

I am so incredibly blessed. Thursday, as I was stressing out and trying to plan a "new" Knapp vacation, my in-law's came over. My father-in-law and Luke put door handles on our doors, and my mother-in-law got a lot of organizing done. Friday I was able to finish the organizing, did some cleaning, and we were able to successfully host our potluck group. It was so wonderful to be able to relax with friends in our new home.

As far as vacation goes, it got re-routed to St. Louis, MO. It doesn't seem like a real exciting place, but there is so much to do! I got a hotel downtown, and have planned everything and made all the reservations for everywhere yesterday. Here's a list of some of the great things I found for the family to do!

Grant's Farm: A 281 acre farm holding over 1000 different kinds of animals, and home to the famous Budweiser Clydesdales. Another plus; admission is free
The Gateway Arch: Everyone knows about this. You can ride a tram to the top, and also look around in museum
St. Louis Zoo: A 90 acre zoo that is home to over 5000 different animals. It's free too!
City Museum: Home to a 3 story jungle gym, ball pit, as aquarium, art city, architecture, pipe organ, shoelace factory, and a glass studio. Fun for kids of all ages
Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour: See how the beer is made, and at the end, you can try some samples (if you are over 21)
Union Station: Shopping, restaurants, history, and lots of neat architecture (for those engineers such as my husband who love that kind of thing)
St. Louis Historical Courthouse: Courthouse that held the Dred Scott case. Watch a video about the case, and see more neat architecture
Busch Stadium: Games are hit and miss, but it's cool to see anyway

I was really surprised at all the stuff there was to do! I getting excited about it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I called the hotel we were booked to stay in in two weeks for Knapp Vacation so I could cancel a room for my sister-in-law and her family who were leaving Saturday.

I was told there were no reservations under my name. I was told my confirmation number was the number of a family who had stayed there in June. I was told that there were no rooms available for the days I needed them. I was also told that there was nothing they could do for me unless I could prove I booked the rooms. Which I can't.

At this point, there are no other hotels around with breakfasts and 5 available rooms on the dates I need them. I am kind of close to panicking. Trust me, this will be the first and only time I volunteer to plan the Knapp vacation.

Anyway, I need some great vacation ideas, and soon! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The kitchen faucet puts out great water pressure, and the sink drains!!!!

Doing dishes will be such a joy.

There are no words to express my sheer joy at this moment.

Coming Along

Here's another house update: Our kitchen floor is officially done, grouting and all. Finally. The counter top came this afternoon, so it's done too. It seriously looks like a new kitchen! I'm so excited to get my kitchen table out of the living sometime tomorrow. YAY!!

I'm so ready for life to get back to "normal." I'm ready for a clean house, where things are somewhat organized, and I don't have to wear shoes in the kitchen. I'm excited to be able to cook again, and to study in our new kitchen.....Which brings me to a new realization:

I kind of miss school. I miss the schedule, the time with my classmates, clinicals, I miss the school and it's nasty microwave and way to small bathrooms. I miss learning and feeling like I'm using my brain in a way you tube videos just don't bring. As I unpacked my books the other day, I got a little excited about having to read through my med-surg book. Sometimes I wonder if I will be a "forever student." You know, one of those people who never stops going to school. Sometimes I amaze myself. I hate school until I don't have it anymore, and then I get excited about starting again. Good grief....I've only been out for 2 weeks and this is how I'm feeling.

Oh, I do miss school, but I can't quite bring myself to study for boards yet.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stay at Home Wife

I love being able to stay at home. Granted, I would probably eventually get very bored, but since the weeks I can just be at home are rare, I cherish them.

I love getting up and curling in the rocking chair and doing my Bible study. I also love being able to do the whole day in my study, and not having to just do part of it. I like doing laundry and ironing without having hurry cause I need to study. I like relaxing by the pool without worrying what I'm going to do for this project and did I turn that stuff in. I would like to cook for my husband, but our house is such a mess right now, there's no place to cook, and no place to eat if I did cook.

Grouting didn't go as well as's much more of an art than we thought. I've scrubbed my floor 5 times in the past two days with 5 different things to try and get the grout haze off. It's slow work, but I think it's finally starting to fade.

Right now there is a tractor spraying the field next to our house. I should probably go take my laundry off the line to it doesn't get sprayed too.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I posted just for Jenae

:D She told me it had been a while.

This week we accomplished a lot. Or should I say that my husband accomplished a lot. On Thursday we tore up our old floor, on Friday we filled in cracks and leveled it off, and yesterday we got most of the tiles laid. Ok, he did all that, but I did help hand him tiles.

Other than that, not much is new. You can read Luke's blog to find out more details and see pictures.

I'm looking forward to a busy, but good week. It's my first week that I don't have to go to work or do school work. Like I told Luke last week, 24 weeks of straight school is just way too long. It'll be great to do stuff around the house, go to the pool, pick beans.....okay, maybe not so much the beans part, but I'll be thankful for them later.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New House

"...It's a big, big house, with lots and lots of rooms..."

Ok, it's not a big house, and it doesn't have lots and lots of rooms, but we are IN! In, but certainly not settled. Boxes still reign over the basement, and there are no curtains in any of the windows (if you drive by at night, you will see us in all our glory). I miss my garbage disposal more than my dishwasher, and all I ask is that the water from the kitchen sink do more than trickle. Yes, trickle. It took 3min and 47 seconds just to fill the shallow sink up part way (and yes, I did time it). But I like our house. I like the colors it's painted, I like the scenery I see every time I look out the window, I like the fresh air that blows through the windows when it's not 200 degrees outside, and I'm looking so forward to planting lots of things.

The toad and the bugs in the basement aren't real pluses, but I'll still live here.