Friday, July 18, 2008

Stay at Home Wife

I love being able to stay at home. Granted, I would probably eventually get very bored, but since the weeks I can just be at home are rare, I cherish them.

I love getting up and curling in the rocking chair and doing my Bible study. I also love being able to do the whole day in my study, and not having to just do part of it. I like doing laundry and ironing without having hurry cause I need to study. I like relaxing by the pool without worrying what I'm going to do for this project and did I turn that stuff in. I would like to cook for my husband, but our house is such a mess right now, there's no place to cook, and no place to eat if I did cook.

Grouting didn't go as well as's much more of an art than we thought. I've scrubbed my floor 5 times in the past two days with 5 different things to try and get the grout haze off. It's slow work, but I think it's finally starting to fade.

Right now there is a tractor spraying the field next to our house. I should probably go take my laundry off the line to it doesn't get sprayed too.

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