Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New House

"...It's a big, big house, with lots and lots of rooms..."

Ok, it's not a big house, and it doesn't have lots and lots of rooms, but we are IN! In, but certainly not settled. Boxes still reign over the basement, and there are no curtains in any of the windows (if you drive by at night, you will see us in all our glory). I miss my garbage disposal more than my dishwasher, and all I ask is that the water from the kitchen sink do more than trickle. Yes, trickle. It took 3min and 47 seconds just to fill the shallow sink up part way (and yes, I did time it). But I like our house. I like the colors it's painted, I like the scenery I see every time I look out the window, I like the fresh air that blows through the windows when it's not 200 degrees outside, and I'm looking so forward to planting lots of things.

The toad and the bugs in the basement aren't real pluses, but I'll still live here.

1 comment:

wendi jo said...

Yay for getting everything done & painted, finally!

But I already miss you being in town... we couldn't stop by tonight when we went past your old condo. :|