Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coming Along

Here's another house update: Our kitchen floor is officially done, grouting and all. Finally. The counter top came this afternoon, so it's done too. It seriously looks like a new kitchen! I'm so excited to get my kitchen table out of the living sometime tomorrow. YAY!!

I'm so ready for life to get back to "normal." I'm ready for a clean house, where things are somewhat organized, and I don't have to wear shoes in the kitchen. I'm excited to be able to cook again, and to study in our new kitchen.....Which brings me to a new realization:

I kind of miss school. I miss the schedule, the time with my classmates, clinicals, I miss the school and it's nasty microwave and way to small bathrooms. I miss learning and feeling like I'm using my brain in a way you tube videos just don't bring. As I unpacked my books the other day, I got a little excited about having to read through my med-surg book. Sometimes I wonder if I will be a "forever student." You know, one of those people who never stops going to school. Sometimes I amaze myself. I hate school until I don't have it anymore, and then I get excited about starting again. Good grief....I've only been out for 2 weeks and this is how I'm feeling.

Oh, I do miss school, but I can't quite bring myself to study for boards yet.

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