Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sharp things

This morning I was doing dishes, and had to laugh at myself when I realized how gingerly I wash knives. It made me think of how terrified I am of sharp things. Knives and needles are the biggies. I know, I can I be a nurse if I am terrified of needles? I have no problem sticking needles into other people (IV's definitely aren't my favorite, but I can do it), but don't even think about putting one in me.

When I have to wash sharp knives, I hold them in one hand, and carefully, slowly, wipe off the blade. It makes me so nervous to do dishes if I know someone has left silverware in the dishwater...there might be a knife in there! I refuse to leave knives in dishwater. The bigger the knife, the worse I am. When Luke and I were engaged, my mom and I were picking out knives. She suggested one brand that is supposed to be particularly good. I was horrified, because they were gigantic knives! I stuck with smaller ones.

During my first semester of nursing school, we learned about medication administration, and we were given the opportunity to practice giving injections to our classmates. But in order to give an injection, you had to get one. I mulled over that consent form for days. Finally, I signed it. I was so nervous...shaking, sweating, etc. It was obvious my teachers thought I was ridiculous; until I about passed out. Right before I got my shot, another student came in to observe. I was facing away from the instructor and other student. She said down facing me, and quickly informed the instructor that I was really pale. The instructor made me lie down and take big deep breaths. In the end, I got my shot and I was fine. Getting TB skin tests does the same thing to me.

Hopefully someday I'll get over my paranoia of sharp things.


Anonymous said...

Hey! You're too funny. Jeff's the same way. He always says if he could do anything else it would be in the medical field. Ironically, he passes out at the sight of blood. I cannot figure you people out.

So glad you said something- I thought that was you the other day, but seriously, you've grown up so much(I gotta get over it- you're married!) that I hardly recognize all you guys. I read up on your blog- sounds like everything's good. Enjoy the time with just the 2 of you. Before you know it YOU'LL be the one pushing 5 kids around Walmart!

OK if I add you to my blogroll?
Your's is darling by the way-

--Amy said...

Yay! Another person with a dislike of needles to the point of crazy. I almost passed out after my TB test too. I've been told I'll have to get over it to have children...
Glad to know there is another seriously paranoid person.