Saturday, February 25, 2012

4 months

Carter had his 4 month appointment this past Thursday. He was 14lbs 15.2 oz, and was 25 inches long. His accomplishments so far:
-started rice cereal on Tuesday, and loves it.
-sits in his bumbo really well...much better than Bridget did at his age
-started wearing 9 month sleepers...this kid has a long torso. And short legs. Poor thing inherited my body type apparently
-doesn't roll over, and doesn't seem the least bit interested in doing so
-started not liking to be alone in a room by himself.
-is a early riser. He's usually up by 6:30. It's a little hard for me.
-usually gets up once at night to eat. Sometimes he gets up twice...
-LOVES to chew on his hands, and drools constantly. No teeth on the horizon though.
-Everyone comments about how he looks just like a Schick

Friday, February 10, 2012

15 months

Actually, Bridget is 16 months (and 3 days) now, but her 15 month appt was yesterday. Carter had been running a fever for about 24 hours the day prior, so I called and added an appt for him at the same time. Big mistake. The appt was at 10, and 2.5 hours, 2 VERY tired and hungry kids, and one slightly frazzled mother later, we finally walked out. Carter was ok, by the ear infection and no spots in his throat. Just a virus I guess.

Anyway, Bridget tipped the scales at a whopping 24 pounds 4oz, and 31.75 inches long. No idea what percentile she's in. If the Dr told me, I probably couldn't hear her over the sound of a screaming baby. 16 months, what does Bridget do?
-LOVES her baby. She rocks it, sings to it, bounces it (hilarious to watch, by the way), changes it's diaper, and wraps it in the blanket.
-asks to watch a "moonie" (aka: movie) several times a day. Those Praise Baby dvd's are getting a work out! (this is what she's doing in the pic above)
-won't eat a single vegetable. No matter how hard you try to hide some in her food, she'll find it and spit it out. Loves her some grapes, peaches, mandarin oranges and strawberries though.
-says pretty everything. Her favorite words are more, up, baby, and puppy/doggie
-speaking of dogs, she's totally obsessed with them. And not just in theory. She has no fear of dogs, big or small. Any time we step foot outdoors (which sadly isn't very often) she heads right over to the neighbors to try and peak under their privacy fence for just the smallest glimpse of their dog.
-Still doesn't regularly sleep through the night. Yes, I was the mom that pre-child was all about baby wise and said my child was going to sleep through the night at 8 weeks. However, aprox 64 weeks later, she still wakes up more often than not.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Exciting Day!

It was an exciting day for this little guy! At nearly 4 months of age, he got to go to the grocery store for the first time!
Yeah, we don't get out much. :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Eeek...3 whole months?? has been 3 months since I last updated...time flies. I will try and do better and not let my blog die. Seriously though, our life isn't too interesting. We don't go too many places, or do much. Mostly just stay home and be entertained by our kids. :)

Here are some "catch-up" pictures!

Carter's first bath...he's grown a little since then. :) He loves his bath, and just kicks and smiles the whole time.

Bridget loves to help Luke make "pop pop" (popcorn) and she loves to eat it too...just like her dad!

at first Bridget always wanted to "hold" Carter. Thankfully she's moved on from that...

our darling little bumble bee on Halloween

Potluck...everyone was supposed to pick out a Goodwill outfit for their spouse. We didn't exactly get around to doing that so we came dressed as ourselves to the extreme. Luke was a nerd with his pants hiked up real high, lots of gadgets on his belt, and his hair parted to the side. I was a my pj's and robe, messed up, a breast pump hanging from my neck. And to top it off, I had the screaming baby. :)

Bridget is very helpful and wants to be involved in everything we do. She even helps empty the dishwasher!

Christmas morning...Bridget was a sad case, and Carter was his very happy smiley self.

Bridget's chair from my mom and dad. She loves little chairs so she got her own and loves to sit in it and read books.

Bed head....but nobody could look cuter with it!

Our sweet, smiley, happy boy.

Bridget's first time out in the snow. By the time I got her all dressed and FINALLY got the boots on her feet, she was pretty much done.

Finally getting some rolls!!

Bridget loves her baby and hauls it everywhere...I don't think it's going to be much longer before the head falls off.

And there you have it...that's pretty much the happenings of late. Wendi came over today and brought Culver's for lunch. :) She said she was proud of me for finally updating.