Saturday, February 25, 2012

4 months

Carter had his 4 month appointment this past Thursday. He was 14lbs 15.2 oz, and was 25 inches long. His accomplishments so far:
-started rice cereal on Tuesday, and loves it.
-sits in his bumbo really well...much better than Bridget did at his age
-started wearing 9 month sleepers...this kid has a long torso. And short legs. Poor thing inherited my body type apparently
-doesn't roll over, and doesn't seem the least bit interested in doing so
-started not liking to be alone in a room by himself.
-is a early riser. He's usually up by 6:30. It's a little hard for me.
-usually gets up once at night to eat. Sometimes he gets up twice...
-LOVES to chew on his hands, and drools constantly. No teeth on the horizon though.
-Everyone comments about how he looks just like a Schick

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Heidi Snyder said...

He is getting so big. I can't believe I have not seen him in person. We must plan a date to get together!