Saturday, July 28, 2012

The "first" prayer

Every night before putting Bridget to bed we say a prayer with her. We say the usual things like "thanks for helping me be a good girl today" and "bless my grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins." We usually include thanks for something fun we did during the day. She just lays her head on my shoulder and listens while we pray.

Now Bridget is in love with the movie Tangled. I mean in love. We borrowed it from some friends for several weeks and she'd watch every single day and never get tired of it. But it eventually got returned and when she'd ask we'd tell her that Tangled went to Judah's house.

Judah came over last night. And he brought Tangled for them to watch together (nice little date for the two of them, don't you think? :)) Bridget was so excited during the beginning that she could hardly contain herself.

So last night while praying with Bridget, we'd just finished thanking God for the fun time we'd had playing with Judah and she pipes up "and thanks I watched Tangled."  

Tangled must rate pretty high for it to need to be her first inclusion into prayer time!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Picture Overload

Or close to it anyways. I figured that while both kids are sleeping and I'm procrastinating folding laundry, I'd just update everyone (as in all 3 regular readers) on our latest happenings. 

 Around our house we teach to like potato chips young.

About a month ago we went to Wisconsin with my family for a few days. It was a relaxing time, although had  Carter not gone through a "I think I'll be awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night" phase it would have been a lot nicer. The kids got lots of grandparent time, which they loved. It was especially nice cause they got to spend a lot of time with my dad, which doesn't happen much.

Bridget reading Father's Day cards with grandpa 

Making biscuits with grandma 

Hanging out on the island at breakfast and trying to reach everyone else's stuff 

 Watching movies...of course we couldn't go even a few days without those!

 The fish fryers

 My cousins Amber and Holly went with us, and Bridget thought it was pretty great when she got to hang out with the "big girls."

 Playing with Grandpa

 Family pic before we left. We left Wed morning and the rest of the family stayed until Saturday.

 All of us. Thankfully we had a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom cabin!

 Back at home, little buddy got closer and closer to crawling

 We had a short stint with potty training. After 2 days I decided that she wasn't ready and didn't get the concept. Either that or I just wasn't ready to train her. Maybe we'll try again in a few weeks....or maybe not. :)

 Daniel and Wendi 

 Celebrating my dad's birthday. Once again Bridget is acting in her unofficial role as family gift opener.

 Went to get Carter out of bed from his nap one morning and found him sitting up! He was pretty proud of himself.

 Bridget's forehead without a bandaid over it. Not a good picture, but she wouldn't hold still for me.

 We had some SERIOUSLY hot days.

 July 4th was one of those hot days, but we went to Eureka's fireworks anyway. And it was hot. 
 Bridget loved the fireworks at first. In between she'd say "more! more!" She eventually got a little bored of them and had a grand time running around with Adalai. 

Carter and I watching the fireworks. 

And that's pretty much our updated life. Oh, Carter is officially crawling all over as of Friday morning. And Bridget shrieks whenever he goes towards her and yells "he get me! he get me!" Between that and her screaming when he gets her things (which is pretty much every toy except for a few designated things) it's almost enough to drive one bonkers. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We're now official parents

Saturday night we had a date night. If you count mattress shopping and going to JoAnn Fabrics a date night. Which I do.  :)  (We did go to 5 Guy's Burgers and Fries for the first time. SO good!)

Anyway, got back to my mom and dad's to pick up the kids and Bridget was chasing Uncle Luke around the living room. He ran around the corner of the couch, Bridget on his heels. She tripped over his feet, and fell. 

Right into the corner of the piano bench. 

Oh the blood. It was everywhere.

So about 10:30 at night we headed to the ER for some stitches. 50 minutes, 6 stitches, and 1 very tired (and maybe slightly traumatized) child later, we headed home.

She's doing great with them. Doesn't act like they bother her at all, and she doesn't mess with them either (huge praise). She pretty much just points to her forehead and says "bandaid!"

Yesterday morning after I finished re-dressing it she wanted to see it in the mirror. She took one look at herself and said "so pretty!"  :)  Glad she thinks so!