Friday, May 29, 2009

I have a garden!!

It's being a little neglected due to my sleeping most of the day, but things are popping out of the ground!

I'd show you pictures, but blogger is being uncooperative.

Anyway, the transition to nights is's not terrible, but it's not exactly great either.

I leave for work at 10:30pm, work from 11pm-8am, and then crash (and I do mean crash) into bed about 8:30am, sleep until about 3 (the latest I've been able to sleep), get up, do some stuff until about 5, sleep until about 7, and then get up, eat dinner, try to clean up the house, and then head back to work.

I'm pretty sure that's a run-on sentence.

One thing I'm hoping will change is the whole eating thing. My stomach doesn't really tolerate food at 3am. So by the time I get off work and it's been 12 hours since I last ate, I'm really hungry.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well folks, it's my first night of staying up late.
It's 12:30 and I'm dying here.
Those first couple times of working all night are going to be rough.
Really rough.

I have until Tuesday night to totally switch up my days and nights.
The plan is to stay up increasingly later each night, until I've finally stayed up all night.

This will (hopefully) occur on Monday night, and then I can sleep all day Tuesday.

I'm pretty sure I've only stayed up all night once in my life.

And not only am I exhausted right now (I did get up at 5:30 to go to work) but I'm totally bored. I plan on finishing this post, watching a movie, and then collapsing into bed.

That should put me to bed about 2:30 am.
Tomorrow night's goal is 4:30 am.
Monday night's goal 7 am.

If anyone out there is a total night owl, I probably wouldn't turn down late night (or early morning) company.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a good laugh

You know how some people have these hilarious stories, the ones that make you laugh so hard that you almost pee your pants?
Well, those are my favorite blog posts to read.
I blog-stalk a lot.
Pretty much everytime I'm bored or I'm procrastinating doing something.
I just jump from blog to blog, reading about people I have no clue who they are.
I'm kind of a nosey person, so I like doing things like that.

Anyway, once in a while, I come across some post that I just cry while reading.
Katelyn's post had me in tears.
I called to her tell her. (just a side note, I do know Katelyn.)

Michelle's post also made me laugh really hard.
And no, I have no idea who she is.

Sarah's blog has proven to be pretty entertaining on multiple occasions.
And I don't know her either.

Anyway, hope some of these posts can make you laugh as hard as I did.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happenings of late

So...I'm a little behing here. Bob and Jenny got married on April 26.
It was a beautiful wedding. I loved Jenny's dress.
And my dress too.
And now she is living in Tremont, I will never see her.
You all know how far away that is....way too long to drive. :)

They had awesome decorations at the reception, all inspired by Jenny herself.
In case you can't figure out what these are, they are test tube racks filled with flowers.

That Thursday we headed down to U of I with a group of people to hear James White debate Dan Barker on the existence of God. Traever was pretty pumped about the whole experience. As much as I was sceptical about the whole thing, it was very interesting. James totally dominated. And here is Traever with James White.

2 Saturdays ago, Elise and I had a garage sale at her house.
She made a killing.

I made like $15.25.

Oh well. We did have a fun day hanging out together, and even managed to get a little sunburnt in the process.

And since I've been typical me since then, there are no pictures of mother's day, or my brother's birthday. I wish I remembered my camera more often.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please pardon the dust...

I'm not as computer savy as I thought and I'm having a few issues. Hopefully we'll be back in shape soon!

2 down, 2 to go

I'm refering to days I have to work. I feel like it's my 10th day. Supposedly storms make people go into labor. There were 8 babies born between 8am and noon. Crazy. Of course I got the baby who needed oxygen. Oh well.

Oooh...and yesterday, I drew blood 2 times, and I started my first IV on a newborn!! I also helped with a lumbar puncture, which was kinda scary. And sadly, it was all on the same baby. So to all you pregnant people out there, don't have a fever when you go into labor!! The nurses will thank you.

I transplanted a bunch of flowers I planted last year, and I'm pretty sure I killed them in the process. That makes me very sad. It's also been too wet to till a spot for my garden, so I might not be able to have one this year. That also makes me sad, because I had plans for a really big one!

Well, that's pretty much all the interesting (?) news I have for now.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just for clarification:

1. The story I posted about last time did NOT happen to me. It was just a random story that got emailed to me. (although as I set everyone straight on this topic, please note that while this didn't happen to me, it is something that very well could occur. I'm blessed like that.)

2. I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Yes, no post for almost 3 weeks may seem like ages, but we're still trying to figure out the whole work full time/make dinner/do laundry/keep the house clean thing...give us time (and by us, I mean me).

3. My house looks the way it does because of the working/dinner/laundry/cleaning thing. And no, it hasn't been cleaned in a while (a very long while).

4. I someday do want a perfectly healthy normal baby, not a sick pre-term one. I would just be thrilled if the perfectly healthy normal baby weighed about 4 pounds. (for some reason, I've fallen in love with the teeny tiny babies I take care of at work, and I would like one for myself, as long it has no IV's, feeding tubes, or cardiac monitors)