Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happenings of late

So...I'm a little behing here. Bob and Jenny got married on April 26.
It was a beautiful wedding. I loved Jenny's dress.
And my dress too.
And now she is living in Tremont, I will never see her.
You all know how far away that is....way too long to drive. :)

They had awesome decorations at the reception, all inspired by Jenny herself.
In case you can't figure out what these are, they are test tube racks filled with flowers.

That Thursday we headed down to U of I with a group of people to hear James White debate Dan Barker on the existence of God. Traever was pretty pumped about the whole experience. As much as I was sceptical about the whole thing, it was very interesting. James totally dominated. And here is Traever with James White.

2 Saturdays ago, Elise and I had a garage sale at her house.
She made a killing.

I made like $15.25.

Oh well. We did have a fun day hanging out together, and even managed to get a little sunburnt in the process.

And since I've been typical me since then, there are no pictures of mother's day, or my brother's birthday. I wish I remembered my camera more often.


Jenny said...

before the wedding we lived approximately 12 minutes apart... now we live approximately 15 minutes apart... we really have no excuse. :P

the traever said...

me and james white are totally bff