Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 down, 2 to go

I'm refering to days I have to work. I feel like it's my 10th day. Supposedly storms make people go into labor. There were 8 babies born between 8am and noon. Crazy. Of course I got the baby who needed oxygen. Oh well.

Oooh...and yesterday, I drew blood 2 times, and I started my first IV on a newborn!! I also helped with a lumbar puncture, which was kinda scary. And sadly, it was all on the same baby. So to all you pregnant people out there, don't have a fever when you go into labor!! The nurses will thank you.

I transplanted a bunch of flowers I planted last year, and I'm pretty sure I killed them in the process. That makes me very sad. It's also been too wet to till a spot for my garden, so I might not be able to have one this year. That also makes me sad, because I had plans for a really big one!

Well, that's pretty much all the interesting (?) news I have for now.

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