Monday, August 27, 2012

The wedding (finally)

So I'm finally getting around to posting about Daniel and Wendi's wedding weekend. I posted all these pictures on facebook the day after the wedding, and kind of lost my motivation to post them here since most people have facebook. But for those who don't, here they are! :)

 Preparations began Friday morning at 10am at the fellowship hall. There was lots of help, which made everything go pretty fast. We washed and cut up all the fruit, got all stuff ready for pasta salad, and set up the tables and decorations.

 Diane and my mom spent a fair amount of time deciding which dishes to use.

 Jenna and I kept Wendi company while she finished up her reception thank you's.

 The table arranging experts. It's actually more difficult than you would think. 

 Making pasta salad

 Gotta make sure that pasta salad tastes ok!

 Pedicures on Friday afternoon. Wendi got the royal treatment and we waited FOREVER for them to finish with her!

 Breakfast Saturday morning. Adam was thrilled to be up so early.

 Wendi had been up for a while and was getting excited!

 Saturday morning breakfast group

 Mom kept busy re-ironing all the bridesmaid's dresses and looking for Jenna's missing belt. Wouldn't you know, it was on the loveseat in my parent's room, under a pillow.

 Ready for pictures! And I have no pictures of the wedding party. For those you'll have to wait until Wendi gets around to posting them.

 Rehearsal dinner. Daniel's family had it at the fellowship hall. His dad made steak and by Saturday it had been marinating for 4 days. It was AMAZING! Super tasty and so tender you hardly needed your knife. Some if his aunts and uncles served us. 
 My plate. And I didn't include the picture of it, but at each place there was a chocolate covered peanut butter ball. And they were wonderful. I ate mine before dinner even came out. And after we got home I ate Luke's. And somehow Ellie's ended up going home with my mom and dad and when I saw it at their house on Sunday night, I ate her's too.

 Checking out the scrapbook. 

 Sunday morning breakfast group. Minus the Adam and Luke who refused to be photographed again. 
 Elizabeth did Wendi's hair and did a wonderful job! I wasn't around for most the process, but I heard that it required must patience on Elizabeth's part. :)

 Ready to walk down the aisle!

 Jenna was the only one who'd never been in a wedding before and she was so nervous. 

 Katie caught the bouquet! 

 Bridget had a darling little white dress that I'd made. And about 20 min after getting to the reception, she pooped through it. 

And then they were off for a week in Cancun. I was totally jealous. After a full weekend and dealing with kids, being up super early and staying up super late and getting up at night with the kids, I felt like I needed a vacation too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

letting it go

This article was very convicting to me this morning. Not that I don't like our house, but I often find myself just waiting for the day we get the "perfect" house.

P.s. wedding pictures will be coming soon.  :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Calm before the storm

We've been enjoying a fairly quiet week, which has been wonderful! Daniel and Wendi  are getting married this weekend, so the next 3 days promise to be absolutely crazy. I'm still working on getting everyone's clothes ready. I think the only thing left to do is to iron dresses, shirts, and pants. Then we'll be ready. I think.  :)

 Daddy and Carter reading Motor Trend

 Our front stoop is finished!! Both kids loved watching the guys working!

 The stoop. It's seriously way nicer than the rest of the house, but hopefully washing down the siding and repainting the shutters will help with that. 

 The kids playing in the "hole" under our bed. We're so thankful to have sold our bedroom set, and are looking forward to getting our new one. And are even more looking forward to our new mattress and not waking up with backaches every morning!

Carter is officially weaned, and thinks he's big stuff holding his bottle by himself. Not that he takes much of it. An ounce or two is good for him. He loves solid food, although he's still eating mostly baby food because of the lack of teeth.