Monday, December 29, 2008


Want to know how many times I checked my email today?

Do you really?

Please be prepared to gasp/shake your head/sigh/whatever.

31 times.

Yes, I know it's pathetic.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We've had such a great Christmas week. 3 Christmas's down, 3 to go.
Luke was very surprised by the tool set I got him. I'll have to post the video sometime.
He also "surprised" me with getting me a camera. I was kinda surprised that I got it, but I had suspected something, because he was way too eager to go look at cameras, but never wanted to buy any.
It has lots of cool features that'll take me years to learn and remember how to use them, but I'm very excited.
I also got a cookbook with over 1400 crock pot recipes.
Guess what we're going to be having a lot? :)

This "vacation" of sorts also had us acting like young people again.
Last night we went to Walmart at 1am.
Yes, us.
And it'll probably take us a week to recover.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wrapping presents

Don't really have much interesting lately. I finished my review course. I survived driving to Bloomington and back every day, even though we had the worst winter we've had all winter.

This weekend's highlights were camera perusing, and wrapping gifts. I can't lie, I like cameras a lot. And I like the expensive cameras. Although the one with the amazing zoom was pretty great too. Anyway, I'm excited for a new camera.

It's seriously great to have an engineer husband when it comes to gift wrapping. We had fun, and took as much time as we needed to do it. :) Here are some of our gifts...sorry about the bad lighting.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yep, that's me!

It was all good. I didn't trip walking up the stairs to get my diploma, I stood at all the right times, and my diploma was the right one.

My husband got me an ipod for graduation. I was (and am) still so excited. I've wanted one fore years! It's blue, and shiny, and holds like 4000 songs, and I have cool ear buds, and an fm transmitter so I can play the music in my car. Yeah, I'm sure most of you probably had all that years ago, but I'm catching up! (boy, do I sound old with that statement or what?!)

Sorry there are no pictures of graduation. My camera is dying quickly, so none of them turned out. Good thing about it is, my husband has now realized how bad my camera really is, and is excited about getting a new one. I've been drooling over cameras everywhere we go. I'm still not quite sure exactly what kind I want, but there are certain features I won't buy a camera without. And of course, all those cameras are the nice (aka, expensive) ones.

My Christmas shopping is almost done. Just one more.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Online Shopping

I love it.
I'm totally addicted.
Yesterday morning I told myself I had to go Christmas shopping. I hadn't done any at all.
Now, I generally love shopping, but it was cold, and I just really didn't want to get dressed up...sweatpants sounded so much better.

I got online to research prices before I headed out into the cold, and low and behold, I could get free shipping.
As the hours ticked by, I continued to shop online, and ended up with 4 gifts.
All with free shipping.
All without ever leaving my house.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's so surreal.
I'm done.
I passed.

It was such a special moment when all 24 of us bowed our head together before our last final and prayed God's help on the test, and his blessing on our lives and careers.
And we all passed.
We're all going to be nurses.

It's such an amazing reminder of God's help, His sovereignty, and His blessing on my life.
It's been a hard 4 years, but I've come in contact with some amazing people I would have never met otherwise; people that I'll never forget. I've been stretched more than I ever would have, and I've learned so much about perseverance, patience, forgiveness, and putting my trust in God.

Praise HIM!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm doing what?!

Yeah, I'm organizing my house and keeping it clean! Yep, I am. Please pick your jaw up off the floor.....Thank you. My house is usually one or other...rarely both. But I'm looking ahead to the months I will have until I start work, and I get this overwhelming urge to start now. I can't WAIT to go buy things to organize my tiny closets with!! Which brings me to my random story.

Right after we got married, I got this little basket at Walmart. It's about 5inches wide, 7 inches long, and 7 inches deep...not real big. It was getting too full, and I wanted to use it for all those beautiful Christmas pictures and letters we've been getting, so I bought a new one that's a little bigger.

I figured out why it was so full. It held:
22 pens, in various colors like pink, purple, blue, green, black, and orange
3 markers, in pink, blue, and black
3 rubber bands
4 paper clips
1 zipper pull
1 key chain
4 pads of sticky notes
3 rolls of tape
1 calculator
2 lighters
1 screwdriver
1 broken screw
2 extra buttons
3 sheets of address labels
and TONS of old food coupons.

If you need any pens, just stop by our house.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm hoping oh so much..

...that 2 feet of snow will dump,

or the roads will become a solid sheet of ice,

or every road will be drifted shut...

anything so I don't have to go to clinical tomorrow.