Friday, December 12, 2008

Online Shopping

I love it.
I'm totally addicted.
Yesterday morning I told myself I had to go Christmas shopping. I hadn't done any at all.
Now, I generally love shopping, but it was cold, and I just really didn't want to get dressed up...sweatpants sounded so much better.

I got online to research prices before I headed out into the cold, and low and behold, I could get free shipping.
As the hours ticked by, I continued to shop online, and ended up with 4 gifts.
All with free shipping.
All without ever leaving my house.


Mawshy said...
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Mawshy said...

You are awesome! I trekked around in the cold yesterday at Grand Prairie... sounds like you went with the smart way!! :)

Imagine Artists said...

That rocks! You inspired me to do a little online searching myself. :)

Jeremy & Nancy said...

Love it too. Don't forget to google promo code and most generally you can get a good deal!