Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm doing what?!

Yeah, I'm organizing my house and keeping it clean! Yep, I am. Please pick your jaw up off the floor.....Thank you. My house is usually one or other...rarely both. But I'm looking ahead to the months I will have until I start work, and I get this overwhelming urge to start now. I can't WAIT to go buy things to organize my tiny closets with!! Which brings me to my random story.

Right after we got married, I got this little basket at Walmart. It's about 5inches wide, 7 inches long, and 7 inches deep...not real big. It was getting too full, and I wanted to use it for all those beautiful Christmas pictures and letters we've been getting, so I bought a new one that's a little bigger.

I figured out why it was so full. It held:
22 pens, in various colors like pink, purple, blue, green, black, and orange
3 markers, in pink, blue, and black
3 rubber bands
4 paper clips
1 zipper pull
1 key chain
4 pads of sticky notes
3 rolls of tape
1 calculator
2 lighters
1 screwdriver
1 broken screw
2 extra buttons
3 sheets of address labels
and TONS of old food coupons.

If you need any pens, just stop by our house.

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Jenny said...

wow... that's a lot of stuff...