Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yep, that's me!

It was all good. I didn't trip walking up the stairs to get my diploma, I stood at all the right times, and my diploma was the right one.

My husband got me an ipod for graduation. I was (and am) still so excited. I've wanted one fore years! It's blue, and shiny, and holds like 4000 songs, and I have cool ear buds, and an fm transmitter so I can play the music in my car. Yeah, I'm sure most of you probably had all that years ago, but I'm catching up! (boy, do I sound old with that statement or what?!)

Sorry there are no pictures of graduation. My camera is dying quickly, so none of them turned out. Good thing about it is, my husband has now realized how bad my camera really is, and is excited about getting a new one. I've been drooling over cameras everywhere we go. I'm still not quite sure exactly what kind I want, but there are certain features I won't buy a camera without. And of course, all those cameras are the nice (aka, expensive) ones.

My Christmas shopping is almost done. Just one more.....

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so said...

You should get a Nikon D60/D80 or D200. Luke's an engineer. I'm sure he can get you one!