Saturday, December 27, 2008


We've had such a great Christmas week. 3 Christmas's down, 3 to go.
Luke was very surprised by the tool set I got him. I'll have to post the video sometime.
He also "surprised" me with getting me a camera. I was kinda surprised that I got it, but I had suspected something, because he was way too eager to go look at cameras, but never wanted to buy any.
It has lots of cool features that'll take me years to learn and remember how to use them, but I'm very excited.
I also got a cookbook with over 1400 crock pot recipes.
Guess what we're going to be having a lot? :)

This "vacation" of sorts also had us acting like young people again.
Last night we went to Walmart at 1am.
Yes, us.
And it'll probably take us a week to recover.

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Lindsay said...

you crack me ARE young, you goof! Aren't vacations the best??