Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Storing it up!

We had our last sonogram yesterday, and our little peanut certainly is...little.
She's about 5lb 5oz, which puts her in the 3rd percentile.
However, I think her cheeks may be in like the 50th percentile.
She must be storing her fat there.
I think they're adorable, and I can't wait to squeeze them. :)

In other news, we went to the Morton Pumpkin festival last week.
We went a lot.
I got a wonderful, HUGE funnel cake, which was good for about the first 10 bites.
And then the grease really starts to get to you.

I had to give it away to someone else because I couldn't finish eating it.
That and I was slightly self-conscious about being quite pregnant and carrying a huge funnel cake around.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Independence

First off, I'd like to say that this post is not aimed at any of my friends/acquaintances that read this blog, it's simply my observations of my attitude in the past few weeks.

Now that I've scared everyone.... :)

I love my friends kids. I really do. I love to babysit them, and play with them when we're together. However, in the past few weeks I've noticed that I become more annoyed with them than I have in the past.

They come over, and they make a mess with toys, they touch my mirror (why this annoys me, I have no idea), they get in the way, they fuss and cry.

Just last night we were babysitting and just as I had dished up supper, "J" (he shall remain nameless) was getting into all the cupboards, had a dirty diaper, and was getting increasingly fussy. And I had to leave my plate of fresh hot food and change his diaper, give him some tylenol (I did have permission from his mother do so. I promise I don't just give out tylenol to fussy children), and distract him with some toys.

And when I finished, my plate of food was no longer hot.

And I was annoyed.

And while I normally would love holding my friends children, lately I've just let them take care of their own kids.

Cause having to deal with kids is annoying.

As I contemplated this new "attitude" last night (while lying in bed awake for what seemed like the ump-teenth hour) it occurred to me (again) that soon, I'll be one of those people that has to deal with a kid.

And I'll have to deal with a kid when I'm tired and don't feel good, and when I want a break from her, and when I just want to eat a fresh plate of food, and when I want to watch a movie in silence with interruptions.

And it occurred to me that maybe one reason why I've been getting annoyed by other people's kids is because I want to keep my independence for as long as I possibly can.

I think the unselfishness of having a child is going to be harder for me than I ever thought.

And while having to be unselfish isn't exactly fun, it'll certainly be VERY good for me!

Oh, and as a disclaimer, this does NOT mean you shouldn't call me to babysit or hang out with us anymore. :) I promise I do still love your children!