Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Almost 8 months

Our little pumpkin will be 8 months on Tuesday. She's growing up too fast. Time, please stop for a while.

She's made great strides in the past month.
-crawling. Anywhere and everywhere
-pulling herself up on everything. Nothing under 2 feet is safe anymore.
-trying to stand up in the middle of the room. Def hasn't gotten anywhere near standing, but she attempts it anyway.
-is a CHUNK. Seriously. I'm guessing she weighs close to 20 pounds.
-has shown a recent fascination with babies. Hopefully this liking them continues.
-LOVES to be outside and instantly heads towards any open door
-trying all sorts of new foods: cookies, cereal, popcorn, and lots of other stuff she finds on the floor (no wonder she loves to be under the kitchen table)
-went jeeping for the first time. Fell sound asleep after about 5 min. How she stayed asleep I have no idea.
-Discovered her voice...for real. And now we hear her chattering loudly at all time of the day (or night). Makes for interesting times in church.
-Got her 2 top teeth and a bottom tooth in the same week. Thankfully it only took a couple days or I might have given away for a while. :)

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