Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pfaffmann Christmas

We spent Christmas eve night and Christmas day with my family. We opted not to spend the night Christmas eve, but went for breakfast before church on Christmas morning. 

Bridget enjoyed relaxing by the fire with her apple.  :-) She commented "this is nice!"
Christmas day lunch of prime rib and lots of delicious sides! Mom does such an amazing job on the prime rib each year. All three kids napped during lunch, which made for a relaxing meal. 

Bridget and her pile of presents. She was so excited! 

Carter got a tool set! He was thrilled, despite the look on his face. 

Bridget was so excited about her doll! She originally named her Elizabeth, but has since changed the name to Amerida. 

Henry got a pack n play! 

Uncle Luke and Carter snuggling together. 

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