Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Last minute Christmas

Since our kids are still young, we don't really have any Christmas traditions yet. We've kind of just done it whenever and however it works. This year it was the night before Christmas Eve, about 6pm, when we realized that we had plans for the next 4 days and decided we should let the kids open their gifts that night. Except none of them were wrapped, so I quick wrapped them up and brought them out to be unwrapped immediately. :-)

Love these 3 so much! 
(And they're all looking!)

Bridget got the Frozen DVD

And Carter got a remote control vehicle. 

Alison didn't get anything from us (she didn't know the difference), she just had a great time with the wrapping paper. 

The kid's combined gift was a big bucket of legos, which they thought was so great! I have to admit, for the cost, I was a little disappointed with the amount of legos, but they haven't had trouble coming up with things to build. 

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