Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Knapp Christmas

My pictures from the Knapp Christmas are limited.  :-/ Luke and Carter weren't able to go because they were still fighting the flu. Alison was a grump the whole night, so I spent most of it dealing with her. We still had a nice time though, as we always do with family.  :-)

Bridget opening her gift from grandpa and grandma - frozen boots with Anna and Elsa on them! She was quite thrilled! 
I have no pictures of Alison with her gifts, but she got a book and a new lovey. Carter got to open his presents after we got home, and he a remote control truck. 

Noah's birthday was that Sunday, and Mark and Tammy gifted him with set of very festive boxers.  :-) 

The rest of the evening was followed with more gift opening and picture taking, along with singing Christmas carols and eating way to many Christmas cookies. 

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