Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Conversation with Bridget

Setting: Supper time.

Bridget gets down from her chair and goes back to Carter's room and shuts the door.

Me, yelling from the kitchen, knowing exactly why she headed back there: Bridget, what are you doing?

Bridget: I in Carter's room. (thank you, captain obvious)

Me, still yelling: are you going to finish your chicken nuggets?

Bridget, yelling back from behind the closed door: No, I can't. I'm pooping.

Me: Do you want to go sit on the potty?

Bridget, coming out of Carter's room, having finished her duty: No, I need my diaper changed.

Me: ok, go change it

Bridget: No, I can't. I need mommy to change it. *giggle*  I stink!

Welcome to life with a two year old.

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Mark and Kate said...

Absolutely hilarious! Keep em coming!