Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not Me Wednesday- Doctor Edition.

So I recently decided to check out another pediatrician for my kids. My reasons were numerous, but one dr in particular had been recommended to me and labeled as more naturally minded, so I decided to take my kids to him for their one and two year check ups. Neither kid has ever minded going to the dr, but this time was the exception. Here's a little of what didn't happen while there. 

-While trying to get Bridget's weight, she did not repeatedly attempt to bail off the scale, screaming her head off the whole time. I did not threaten her several times with a spanking if she did not stand on the adult scale. I didn't breath an audible sigh of relief when the nurse finally got her weight after Bridget only stood there for less than 15 seconds.

-I did not have to pin my screaming child to the wall in order to get her height.

-As I was not pinning said child to the wall, my other child did not somehow get the exam room door open, did not crawl down the hall, and did not attempt to make friends with the receptionist at the front desk. I was not slightly embarrassed when she brought my wandering child back to the room. 

-While waiting for the dr, I did not have the brilliant idea to get out the goldfish crackers. Both of my children didn't want the container, and neither screamed when the other child had it. I did not take it away and cause both children to be screaming just as the dr walked in the door. 

-While the dr was examining Carter, Bridget did not get the container of goldfish off the exam table and cause Carter to begin screaming for them. 

-When it was Bridget's turn to be examined, she did not scream bloody murder any time the dr touched her. This did not cause Carter to also begin screaming. 

-When Carter joined Bridget's screaming, I did not give him the container of goldfish. He did not promptly dump said container of fish all over the floor and proceed to smash them. As the dr finished up a few things with me, Bridget did not join in the goldfish smashing session. 

-As I told Bridget it was time to leave, she did not throw a huge basket of crayons all over the waiting room. I did not have to pick up about 200 crayons while both my children sat by the office door and screamed.

-I did not need to yell a little to myself after getting in the van to blow off the little steam.  :)

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The Sauders said...

Bless you sweet friend!!! I have so been here before!
Praying for you today!