Monday, December 3, 2012

Life and an ER visit

I realize it's been a while since I did a post. Part of that is from the busyness of life, and partly because there's not much new going on. 
A little over two weeks ago Carter got sick. I wasn't too worried because Bridget had been sick the week before and after 2 days of a fever she was better. 2 days into his fever, he starts sounding wheezy, and coughing a lot. About 11:30 on a Sunday night I heard him coughing and gagging so I went in to check on him. He sounded horrible, like he was out of breath and really wheezing a lot. So we headed into the ER. After a traumatizing two hours, and being diagnosed with RSV and pneumonia, we headed back home with an antibiotic. 
Back to the Dr office first thing Monday because he sounded even worse. This time he was borderline needing to be admitted, but a nebulizer treatment brought his oxygen levels back up. So they let us go home with a prescription for breathing treatments.
Tuesday I had to go to Peoria to return a couple things.
Wednesday we headed back to the Dr's office because Carter still had a fever. Double Ear infection and a new antibiotic for that. 
Thursday was Thanksgiving. Bridget and I went to church with my mom and dad while Luke stayed home with Bridget. Then we headed to my mom and dad's for the day and since it was just our family, it was relaxing (and least for me...I don't know about my mom since she did most of the food). 
Friday we put up the tree and relaxed. Bridget LOVES Christmas trees this year. I got some good black Friday deals online. It's def the way to shop!
Saturday night we had a double date night with Logan and Ashley. We went out to TGI Friday's and then went to see the new James Bond movie. Good movie...very intense. I needed a massage afterwards because I was so tense the whole time.  :)
Last week not much happened. 
Last night we were on our way to the once-a-month Sunday night services when Carter lost his whole supper all over himself, the carseat, and the van. Thankfully we had friends who lived close by and who were home. They graciously let us bring our  puke covered toddler into the house to clean up, and helped clean up the van. And then they sent cupcakes home with us. :)

 One of the kids favorite things to do is dump out all the play kitchen stuff and sit in the basket.

 They both love to read books, and it pretty much melts my heart to see them sitting next to each other reading.

 Someone figured out how to get up onto the loveseat!

 And yes, he was quite proud of himself!

 Don't ask me what they're doing under the chair. Sometimes they're weird.  :)

 My view when I scrub the kitchen floor. They get barricaded in the living room. 

goldfish for breakfast? Why not?!

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Mark and Kate said...

That little Carter looks so Schickish!! I can hardly believe it! Very cute!! Glad that Carter and Bridget are feeling better...I was so nervous the first part of that week :)