Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quotes from Bridget

1. Me: Bridget, please don't get in that cupboard.
Bridget: Why? Because Jesus died on the cross to save our sins?

2. "I love you more. I love you most!"  (actually a quote from the movie Tangled, which she is totally obsessed with)

3. "It's not so bad in here.... that's what Tangled says."

She's slightly obsessed with that movie. Bet you can't tell!

4. In reference to the oven timer: "Ding! That's what the oven say"

5. "Don't freak out dad. Okay?"
We couldn't figure out where in the world she came up with this, until she was watching Tangled the other day (I promise she doesn't really watch it that often!) and sure enough, Rapunzel says it!

6. Both kids were upstairs yesterday morning and I heard Carter squealing. So I called up the stairs "Bridget, why is Carter fussing?" To which she replied "I'm just holding him down." And sure enough, she was!


Luke said...

These quotes get exponentially better with the backstories and subsequent discussions. :-)

Whitney said...

The first one is simply fantastic:)

John Eisenmann said...

Isn't it great to be able to talk without thinking rationally and with blatant honest? I like this idea. We should make it a trend and blame it on Bridget...