Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stuck (warning: lost post)

It's almost Feb and I'm pretty sure cabin fever is starting to set it. McDonald's trips have been seriously considered (and happened) more than ever, since going to the park is out of the question. We hit up the library at least once a week, and well as Kroger and Walmart.

However, we've stuck pretty close to home because....drum roll please....we have a child newly out of diapers!!!!! I cannot explain the shear joy of only have one kid in diapers. It's wonderful. Just this week we've started venturing out of the house without a pull-up on. It's been a little over 3 weeks, but I still just wasn't quite ready for the risk of having pee all over the grocery store. But she's been doing wonderful. It was a terrible first week. I was about ready to pull my hair out. If you ever need to know how to clean pee off of various surfaces (wood floors, furniture, mattresses, bedspreads) I'm your gal! 

Despite having a touch of cabin fever, we've been very busy. Some of Carter's latest adventures include: pushing the buttons on the dishwasher (got at least 25 spankings that day, until I finally put the highchair in front of it), hauling a full gallon of bleach up the basement stairs after getting past the child lock on the cabinet, celebrating Bridget's successes on the potty (he gets treats too), insisting on feeding himself at every meal, climbing on anything and everything and subsequently fall off and getting lots of bruises and scrapes, making a bee line for and giggling like crazy any time the kitchen chairs aren't pushed into the table (the laptop is on the kitchen table), ripping books, playing in the toilet, dumping out a brand new box of cheerios and proceeding to smash them, annoying Bridget by playing with doll house or anything else she's deemed as hers, screaming all the way through my chiropractor appointment (you know those smiles you get from the receptionist and everyone else in the waiting room when leaving? So embarrassing), and on and on. 

Bridget's latest activities include: doing everything in her power to keep Carter away from her doll house, doing her best to boss Carter around, attempting to boss everyone else around, putting her babies and all and any stuffed animals to bed and telling us all to be quiet (and giving severe glares to anyone who isn't), wanting to "walk all on my self" (all by myself) whenever we walk into any place, hating peeing in a big potty (I did drop her in once :-s), giving her dolls a suppository (she's had issues...and may be slightly scarred  wanting to take naps in mom and dad's bed (hasn't happened yet), actually trying the food we're having for supper (never eating more than her obligatory one bite, but it's a step), negotiating how much food she actually has to eat at a given meal ("I eat these, and I not eat those" or "when I am done with this I will have some more." The later usually only applies to things like grapes, cheese, and snacks). 

Bridget's been getting quite an attitude and telling us "no" a lot, so she's been getting disciplined for that. Only she's a little too smart for her own good and has started saying "nuh uh" instead of no. So the other day I told her to do something and she replied with "nuh uh." I picked her up and said "Bridget, you don't tell mommy no." To which she replied "I not say no! I say nuh uh!" Stinker.

 cool lady

 Giving kisses 

 Playing memory. I greatly overestimated her ability to do this. 

 This was a long time ago, but these are some of his first steps.

 Out of order, but here are more first steps.

 Reading the new library books

 First snow of the year! These two could care less how cold it is, they just love to be outside. Unfortunately for them, they have a mother who hates being cold. 

 Knapp Christmas...Bridget got a doll highchair

 And Carter got a cozy coupe car! There have been many fights over this car.

 Again, something happened and some of these are out of order. This is back at Knapp Christmas...Sandy reading books to the little girls.

 Bridget and Uncle Adam. We got these headbands in the Target dollar section and they've been a huge hit with the kids!

 Smashing a cracker into little pieces. 

 Back at Christmas with my family...Bridget got a doll house.

 Making pop pop with dad...they both LOVE popcorn, and even Carter knows where the special popcorn bowls are kept!

 Climbing on the side table. Just before this picture was taken he knocked the stereo off the back and broke it. :(

 Eating popcorn

 Two stinkers in the laundry basket


Larry Meyer said...

Still getting past the time this was posted! Are we really related? Too bad you didn't have a younger cousin to share in the joy at the chiropractor, made even better by a receptionist asking if its your daughter! Those two crack me up!

Jenny said...

You should come visit me when you're going stir crazy! :)

Katelyn said...

I love it! Those kiddos are growing up so fast! I bet you have so much fun with them :)