Tuesday, February 5, 2013

more pictures

For Christmas this year Luke got me something I've been wanting for several years: a little point and shoot camera.

Now our other camera is great. I love having a nice camera for at home and stuff. But it was big and heavy and a pain to haul along. I wanted a little camera I could take with me to the zoo, or the pool, or the park, and that would just fit in my pocket. So now it rides around in the diaper bag. And this morning I finally thought to download the pictures from it!  :)

 Pfaffmann Christmas. Mom and Wendi trying to figure out the rules to our gift grab.


 One day it was pretty warm so after nap time we headed to school that's a block from our house to swing!

 Bridget and I came down with the stomach flu on a Tues afternoon in early Jan. By that Sat night we hadn't left the house since that past Sun and I was going a little stir crazy! So we met Paul and Elise and boys at Culver's for dinner!

 Blogger can't seem to get my pictures in the right order....this was back on that warm day. After swinging we came home and played in the yard (and garage) till supper time.

 blurry picture, but Carter LOVES the leaf blower. He gets so mad because it's too heavy for him to lift and carry around. He also loves the mower.

One of their outdoor Christmas gifts actually got some use before spring arrived!

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