Monday, February 11, 2013

Children's Museum

For a long time I've heard from people that the children's museum in Bloomington is just lots of fun and their kids love it. We'd never gone, so last Wednesday Elise and I loaded our kids up and headed there. Pardon the not so great pictures...with our 4 kids we were a little busy keeping track of them!

Judah and Bridget had a great time in the back seat together. I think they giggled the whole way there!

 A van full of carseats!!

 The kids had fun in the water area. I thought Carter would love it, since he's crazy about his bath and any puddle he happens to find. However, he totally freaked out when I put his hand in!

 Tree house area

 They have a fake hospital set up, and of course both my kids gravitated to the babies!  :)

We went to Firehouse pizza for lunch, which was right next door, and thankfully, had a buffet for lunch. Our kids were starving! While eating lunch we realized we'd been parked in a 2 hour parking lot for almost 3 hours! We were hoping not to get towed! Thankfully, the van was still there, and the parking enforcement officer pulled in by us as we were loading the kids into the van.  :)  (after getting home and re-counting this to Luke he reminded me that they usually just give you a ticket if you're parked longer than allowed.)

We had a great time! The kids had fun playing, but the concept of the "exhibits" were over their heads. I'm sure we'll go again sometime! 

Thursday night we had our first foster parenting class. It was about as I expected it to be, although I did underestimate how tired I'd get sitting there for 3 hours after being up since 4:50am!

And a Bridget quote to close out this post!  :)
This morning Bridget comes upstairs and tells me that Carter is crying.
Me: Why is he crying?
Bridget: He's crying because he is stuck
Me: He's stuck? (thinking where in the world is he stuck at??)
Bridget: yeah, he's stuck in the lion's den
Going downstairs, I discover him stuck in the tiny space between the couch and chair...It's usually Bridget's hiding spot for her dolls, stuffed animals, sippy cups, etc and apparently she's nicknamed it!  :)

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sarah said...

I was there on Thursday- Firehouse Pizza and all:)