Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Days

We've very much been enjoying the several inches of snow we've gotten over the past several days. The kids have had a grand time playing it! (pictures toward the bottom of this post.)

Every morning that Luke's still home when Carter wakes up, he gets a book, literally throws it in Luke's lap and begs to come up in the chair to have it read to him.  :)

 We brought our extra queen mattress up from downstairs and put it in Bridget's room, thinking that we would begin the transition to a big bed. When she saw it in her room, she started crying and saying "I don't want to sleep in the big bed!" So, needless to say, this isn't going to be an easy change for her. She's still sleeping in her crib, and tells me every nap time that she only wants to sleep in her crib. They have made good use of the mattress for jumping on, however. Carter esp loves it because he can so easily get on it!


Luke had a meeting one evening, so we headed over to my mom and dad's. Both kids love to play the piano. The listeners aren't so hot about the music they make...

 The other week we had our first day watching miss Ava. She's going to be a regular at our house in the future. Both kids love babies, and I'm pretty sure they couldn't leave her alone all day. When I came out from putting Carter down for his nap, Bridget had her and Ava all set up with books and Bridget was "reading" the Three Little Pigs out loud.  :)

 Carter's tired signal....sucking his thumb and rubbing his ear.

We went to pick up our 1/4 cow and 1/2 pig last week. This is the grump...
 And here's the happy boy!

 Little buddy is in LOVE with the broom, mop, Norwex mop, and sweeper. One of his first ten words was "broom." The other day I quit mopping for a minute to answer my phone. When I hung up I couldn't find my mop. I found Carter in his room rocking and "bio-ing" the mop!

Reading books...a rare but darling occurrence. 

 This past Friday the kids woke up to lots of snow and they loved watching Luke shovel the driveway before work.

 Carter found the leaf blower attachment and hauled that around.

 Neither kid had snow boots so after my chiropractor appt on Fri morning we went and got some at Walmart. Let me tell you, if you want to get a steal on snow boots, wait till the end of Feb to buy them! Bridget's are about 4 sizes too big, but she can at least walk in them. And we may get several years use out of them!  :) I also got those little snow shovels for $2.50 each, and they have been quite the hit. Neither one liked the sleds. We'll try them next year. 
 First taste of snow...she didn't like it. 
Our little snow man, complete with milk jug lid eyes and no nose!  :)  

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Adam said...

What are the chances shes going to like snow....your really getting desperate aren't you :)