Monday, March 11, 2013


A couple weeks ago we made the trip out to Quincy to visit Kenton and Heidi. We had a great time getting to hang out with them, even though with all of our kids not a lot of sleep was had and it got a little crazy at times. :) We took the kids swimming at the community center on Sat afternoon, and even Carter loved it! The kids all got a long really well. I think the best quote of the weekend was Ridge chasing Bridget up the stairs with Bridget yelling "no Ridge, don't kiss me!"  :)

Ridge and Bridget watching a movie together. Bridget was so enthralled she couldn't tear her eyes away from the tv. 

 Slate ready to go swimming!

 The boys on Sunday morning. Bridget was NOT interested in having her picture taken. 

 Bridget loved the ipad, and quickly figured out how to work it...scary. 

 Carter giving "baby" Slate a kiss.

 I am so impressed with Slate (and Heidi) as slate will often go on the 8 months old! This picture just makes me laugh!

We got back from Quincy about 7 on Sunday night, and Monday morning we picked right up where we left and headed to Kate's for a play with Kate/Jade and Amanda/Jace.
Carter loves babies...I think he was playing peek-a-boo with Jace...Jace wasn't too impressed. 

 Smothering Jade in her bouncer. 

Us moms. 

My kids were total terrors the whole time, getting into EVERYTHING, throwing things, throwing tantrums...I'm sure Kate and Amanda were so glad when we left and they got to hand out with their two little babies!  :)

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Kate said...

I was so glad you were able to come! Kids will be kids!