Friday, August 8, 2008

House pictures-moving day!

What a day that was! People started showing up at 8am sharp, and by 12pm, everything had arrived at our new house! We had about 22 people show up, and they were such an amazing help!

Our bedroom

Our living room (no, I didn't know we had this much stuff!)

Kenton and Heidi were amazing! Talk about faithful friends; they came over almost everyday while we were working on our house. They gave up many evenings and a few weekends. We packed up our entire house on the 4th of July (yes, the entire thing), and they showed up for the action. Packing all day on a holiday tends to get old, so we had a little fun in the process.

The guest bedroom downstairs all packed up


The empty kitchen

More stuff upstairs

Storage room

the other 1/2 of the storage room

The office

We packed every vehicle full!

Heidi once again showed up to help

Luke's aunt and uncle from Iowa were here that weekend, so they came to help too!

We borrowed Jeff Thames's van and trailer; it was wonderful! We were able to pack most of the boxes and big stuff in there.

More stuff in the kitchen

Unloading Tim and Sandy's trailer

Mark Hermann came and brought his truck too.

My mom cleaning out the kitchen cupboards before the kitchen stuff arrived

The trailer

Heidi and Sandy unloading coolers

The coolers for all the frozen food from the freezer

Organizing the basement

Stuff piled in the basement cause I didn't know where to tell people to put things

Tony and I "holding up" the mattress (aka..taking a break)

Putting our bed together. We got a great deal on this bed, but it's huge and really heavy and has a million parts. When we bought it, I told Luke that when we sold that house, it was staying; needles to say, it didn't, and I'm sorry for all those who had to help take it apart and put it back together again!

Mountain Dew break!

My dad's truck

Still putting our bed together

How many people does it take?

My aunt made lunch for everyone who came to help. This is some of the guys relaxing, thrilled with the fact they are done working, and get to eat lunch soon!

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no pictures of me at all, cause I took them all! :)

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