Sunday, July 6, 2014

Catch-up #2 - Florida

Last summer we were talking with Paul and Elise about how fun it would be to take a couples only vacation to Florida, and us girls immediately started making plans for a trip in April of 2014. This trip was much anticipated... the first thing I did when finding out I was pregnant was make sure I could still go to Florida.  :-)

Elise's parents have a time share in Orlando that they graciously let us use, and to keep it as inexpensive as we could, we rented a car and drove down.

We left on a Friday evening, around 5. The way down was miserable. Being 33 weeks pregnant and not being able to lay down or really put my feet up made sleeping almost impossible. I was only able to sleep about an hour the whole way. I did about 4 hours of driving, from 3am to 7am since I was awake anyway.  :-) I went to bed very early the first night there.

The first morning there (Sunday) we headed out to the pool and into the warm, wonderful sunshine! I typically don't tan/burn easily so u thought I'd sit out for about an hour before putting on any sunscreen. The hour passed quickly, and then I ended up going inside. 

What no one told me, was that pregnancy hormones tend to make you burn more easily. I was totally fried, as you can see in the picture below. 

We made an emergency target run to get some of this stuff, and I actually kept it in the fridge so it'd be extra cold. 

By Sunday afternoon my legs were starting to swell, and by evening I could hardly feel my ankle bone. I'll spare you the picture.  :-) It was painful to have sun burnt stretched like that! The next 2 days were miserable, as I could hardly walk or sleep. Yes, there were many times I wished I had worn sunscreen.  

We did have a very nice, relaxing time though. We went out to eat every night but one, and lounged by the pool (I stuck to the shade) reading books and taking naps. 

I did a horrible job of taking pictures. 

Luke and Paul trying to get the charcoal grill to start. We grilled steak for the one supper we ate at our condo. 

For the drive home, we decided to leave at 3am and try to drive during "normal" waking hours. We all agreed it was much better than driving through the night, and we arrived home about 8:15 that night. 

We were so ready to see the kids!  It was the longest we'd ever left them, although I hadn't missed them to much while we were gone. I totally enjoyed the relaxation.  :-)
Snuggles with dad the morning after we got home.  

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