Friday, July 25, 2014


This little lady thinks bath time is the bomb. Until you get her out, that is. she shrieks and howls until she is fully dressed and being comforted. 

Happy girl! We had a follow up appointment with the lactation consultant, and she weighed 10lb 4oz!

Last Sunday night we went to Busy Corner with my family for my birthday, and then back to mom and dad's for root beer floats, my dessert of choice. 
I turned 27 on Tuesday. Whoot. :-)  we hung out at home during the day, and then went to Pizza Ranch and care group in the evening. I got sang to, and Elise made a big cookie.

Yesterday was my mother in law's birthday, so the daughters and in law's, plus a few granddaughters headed to Arthur, IL for the day. I ended up coming home with a 10lb box of blueberries, a random assortment of candy, and some preschool workbooks.  :-) Alison went with, and thankfully she was excellent, minus the major poop blow out during lunch. 

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