Saturday, July 5, 2014

Major catch- up

So I finally decided that I could probably blog from my phone while nursing, so I downloaded the blogger app and am giving it a try. We'll see how this works.  :-) but here are our pictures through the end of March!

Bridget loves to dress up in her "princesss dress" we got from our neighbor. 

While at Kroger the week of Valentine's day the kids were in love with all the stuffed animals, so they each got to pick one out. Months later, Carter still sleeps with his puppy every night.  

Playing memory with dad

Our friend Ash came over one night and Carter thought his hat was pretty cool.  :-)

We enjoyed having our missionary friends John and Silvia, and their son Antony, stay with us for a week. 

Craft time and story time with aunt Wendi

We went to the Home show with the kids, mostly to see the dog show. However, Bridget happened to see a little girl with pink plastic construction hat and was more concerned about finding the booth that was giving them out than she was with watching the dog show. 
We make tents in the living room when I scrub the kitchen floor. 

One weekend in March we left the kids with my parents and headed to Indy to stay with my aunt and uncle and attend a conference to hear John Piper speak. It was a great conference, although I was exhausted by the end of the weekend. 

We prepared for our little girl by making lists of all the things I wanted to get done.  :-)

First stroller ride of the year. It was still a little cold. 

A target run for diapers ended in a trip to Bass Pro where the kids had fun "driving" the boats. 

"I'm fixing my stick- ups, mom!"

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Mark and Kate said...

Seeing those lists of things to do makes me nervous! I don't have too much time left! -Kate