Monday, July 21, 2014


A few nights ago I caught my little toe on the leg of the bouncy seat and broke it.  :-(  Ouch! 

About 2 weeks ago Carter started having low grade fevers about every other day, coughing, and not having much of an appetite. This went on for a week, and gradually got worse. A visit to the Dr gave no answers as his ears, throat and lungs all checked out fine. Wednesday night about 11:30 he started coughing and just couldn't stop. For almost 2 hours he coughed constantly, throwing up several times, and nothing would stop it. He finally slowed down, and he and I spent a fitfil rest of the night sitting up in the recliner. 
Thursday morning we headed back to the Dr, where his lungs sounded crackley this time, and he tested positive for strep. They also sent us to the hospital for a chest x ray to rule out pneumonia. By the time we got back to my Mom's to pick up the girls, it was way past nap time, and Carter totally crashed. 
His chest x ray came back clear, so he apparently just has a nasty and long lasting virus. He's doing much better now, although his cough still sounds nasty. 

Trying to get another smile on camera - it wasn't happening. 

And another "I love my auntie" shirt from Aunt Wendi. :-) I'm pretty sure all three have had one.  

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