Monday, July 7, 2014

Catch-up #3 - April

We enjoyed some beautiful days in April, although I felt like they were a little cold after enjoying the true warmth of Florida.  :-)

We finally got some more big swings for our swing set, so now no one has to sit in the baby swing.  

I went to a shower one Saturday morning and sent Luke and the kids to Lowe's for a new fan for Bridget's room. I was picturing something basic and white, like we had before. And they came home with this. :-) Needless to say, Bridget was quite thrilled. 

On Good Friday we headed over to my parents for the morning. My dad and the boys were off work for the day, so we went over and had a delicious brunch before dying Easter eggs. My mom was excited to do it with the kids, which was good because I probably wouldn't have let them otherwise.  :-)
They did a dozen eggs in record time. 

After the whirlwind egg dying, we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt. I wasn't to keen on them getting tons of candy so my mom put pennies in the eggs instead. The kids were thrilled with their gold pirate coins, and weren't so hyper either. 

Then the kids got a ride on the mower with uncle Adam, who drove them all around the yard, ruining his perfect mower lines.  Oh the things he'll do for his niece and nephew.  

Bridget brought home the sheet of stickers that were supposed to go on the Easter eggs, and decorated the recliner. We weren't allowed to sit on it for several days, until she kind of forgot about them and I could take them off without a complete breakdown. 

We continued getting ready for our little girl to make her appearance. Those newborn diapers sure look small compared to Carter's size 5 ones! 

Bridget was very into duplo blocks for a couple of weeks, and found all the pieces for this duck (she called it a parrot) and put it together herself. She made her daddy pretty proud with that accomplishment!

Carter loves to mow with Luke, and sticks right by him pretty much through the whole yard. It's the cutest thing. 

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