Monday, July 7, 2014

Catch-up #4 - May

May started off with great attempts to go into labor. We went on lots of walks and tried ti stay active. 

We headed to the zoo one day with Elise and the kids. 
We cracked up at Judah and Bridget walking around the zoo holding hands. Judah is always asking Bridget if she'll marry him, so maybe we should be worried. 
By the time we left the kids were grumpy. 

Bridget reading Carter books. I love hearing the stories she comes up with. 

Two goons and their cheesy smiles

The kids wanted to come inside and read books but they were so filthy I made them read books in the garage. 

We celebrated my brother, Luke's, 17th birthday on May 10. I was disappointed that I hadn't had a baby yet, since I'd always figured she'd be born by Luke's birthday. 
Wendi and I took a belly comparison picture. I was 39 weeks and she was 19 weeks. 

On mothers day we went to church with Luke's parents since they were serving lunch at church. Then we came home for naps and then headed to my parent's for grilled pizza. 

Bridget discovered the sprinkler, and her and Grace had a great time running screaming through it one afternoon. 

On my due date I treated myself to dairy queen.  :-)

The day after my due date we took a walk to the park. The kids love going to park and playing on the play ground. 

3 days after my due date, I watched the the Grimm kids for the morning. I was hoping that running after 5 kids would put me into labor, but alas, it didn't.  :-)

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