Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alison's arrival, picture edition

I feel like with every child, we get worse about taking pictures. :-) Or maybe it's because their births have gotten faster.

If you missed the whole birth story/timeline, you can check it out here

2:05am- the warmer is ready to go! 

Obviously in between contractions :-)

My mom and Wendi were there for the delivery again. Wendi slept on the couch for a while during my labor. I'm glad someone got some sleep. 

Just born, and getting her cord cut by daddy. 

Seeing and holding her for the first time! 

On the warmer getting checked out.

7 pounds 3 ounces

So glad to finally have her out! 

All snuggled up

The kids came that afternoon, asking with both grandmas, Wendi, and Sandy.  Bridget was very much in love. Carter kept shh-ing everyone because Alison was sleeping.  They were interested in the baby for about ten minutes, and then started crawling around on the floor pretending to be puppies and barking loudly. I have to admit I was ready for them to leave.  :-)

Uncle Adam came to visit that evening, asking with Paul and Elise. 

Getting ready to go home! My mom bought her coming home outfit, like she did for the other kids. Alison was not a fan of the headband. 

In her car seat, looking so little! 

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Daniel & Wendi said...

Hey now, I wasn't the only one who slept... your husband slept much longer than me, you just hadn't started contractions yet! :)